Dear Local Candidate in May 2019

Dear Local Candidate  

I thought that a local MP was to “re-present” the will of the people in the electorate ?   Silly me … eh …  All we are hearing from both sides is endless promises about “their” policies and “their” ideas and philosophies.  
Do you really want the other mob in power?   I doubt it, so I suggest  you promise to do what the people want … here are just 2 things

1 – Immediately announce that Local Councils are no part of Gov’t and they cannot impose any taxes because of the 1974, 1988 and 1999 Referendums  –  Councils are nothing more than private ABN companies and can offer services which people may or may not want to contract with.

2 – Immediately announce that all infrastructure will be done debt and interest free, as was the Nullarbor Railway built with no interest and no debt … Imagine how many real jobs that will create ….  and it can begin immediately … sec 51.

There seems to be little doubt that thick-as-a-brick SlowMo and Electrickery Bill are both playing the game, along with the other Templars, to bring us under the UN Agenda 21/30

It is quite obvious that there is going to be a landslide slaughter … that is, slaughter of the people … if the above 2 items are ignored.

Once you get in – then you will continue to re-present us in the many areas that we the people expect from you.

Signed …. Name : Family Name

Put you name and address and your electorate or you mail will not be even seen.   Better still to post it.