Info on Notre Dame + free energy items

1 – Info on Notre Dame

3 – The Queen is Indian

4 – I think the masses have been deceived through the birth certificates.   Nowhere on a birth certificate do you have a surname, you “assumed” it! …    Then you apply for a driver license with a SURNAME and you believe its your name! ????   They also conned you into supplying your ‘born-date’ as your ‘date-of-birth’  … and that is they destroyed the real you … and turned you into a fake…  

Yes, and the Commonwealth of Australia National with inalienable rights becomes an Australian Citizen (of Washington D.C.) with temporary paid-for privileges.

5 – Jeremy Lee warning

6 – What do you think of this ? New Original HHO Kit HHO  X4 User-Friendly Plug-N-Go 15 minutes Fitting only     All processing orders with HHO KIT HHO X-Cell Generator get this gift: NEWS: EUIPO’s patented All-In-One Ultra Slim Bubbler. Further, the new AMP Booster efficiency 97% with a ratio of in 1A / out 5A means you no longer need to buy expensive PWM; Integrated water level sensor On / Off relay; and a special 4-IN-1 Amp-Volt-Wat-Energy meter with backlit LCD display

7 – another free energy

Two more Items

8 – Brexit – Betrayal or October Reformation

9 – Origins of the Muslim Religion