Meet the P.R. Firm which gave us “ScoMo”

Before you look at that video, consider this – We the people made it clear that we did not want the left and its theories and ideologies, and as one commentator said to Shorten, … “the more that people see you, the less they like you” … good riddance eh ?  We also have more Liberals in power – I suggest they are not Republicans hopefully, and I think the Republican movement will be rather quiet for a while.

Meanwhile, a few things to consider – The Referendums of 1974 and 1988  clearly confirmed that we do not want Local Councils imposing taxes nor rates we have not agreed to – thus every Local Government Act since 1973 at least, must now be abolished. Councils may exist as what they really are = private ABN companies offering services that we may or may not accept without negotiation with full disclosure and agreement by wet ink mutually signed contract. Same for road tolls and plebiscites. No petitions (a waste of time), write a hard copy letter, phone your local member to advise it is your will that these things be done.

Meanwhile look at what they think we actually “voted” for on 18 May


Now you can watch the creation of Scomo