Council rates to rise again + An amazing water purifier + Another brilliant pollution solution + What is happening to us and why … + more

1 – Council rates to rise … despite the Reserve Bank lowering interest rates in a slow economy … Why?  What kind of greedy mongrels are they .. are you using more water .. creating more sewage .. is your car wearing out the roads faster … do you need an extra rubbish bin pick up, that will cost them an extra $1.50 .. or don’t you care??   I seems that few, if any, have bothered to read this, let alone do anything …  

2 – An amazing water purifier – I normally do not promote products I don’t know, but I certainly will be buying this one – I have searched many appraisals – cannot find any negatives.   Watch the demo by the inventor –

How to make filthy water drinkable – you will need it when the SHTF – A good idea to buy an extra cartridge. Search … “liberty water filter retail Australia”  $100-200 delivered…0.0..0.214.927.0j4j1……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i71j33i22i29i30.ap7DxqN09fw

3 – Another brilliant and simple pollution solution, taking the world by storm. ABC News – Cities across the world are looking to Australia for a simple pollution solution to stop rubbish from spoiling creeks and river systems. Key points: The City of Kwinana drain sock idea went viral internationally. The City of Cockburn W.A. has managed to turn rubbish into road base. The ideas have attracted worldwide attention. Read the full story

4 – Kevin Rudd –  Sir Peter Cosgrove has approved Order of Australia awards for 1,214 Australians.


5 – Assange won’t face charges over role in devastating CIA leak  (hope this is true)

6 – What is happening to us and why ?

7 – Lots of informative articles, relevant subjects that affect you right now  – George Pell – Media Censorship and AFP behaviour – Veterans suicide – Bail in Laws ..