Another Magistrate arrested

Another  Magistrate arrested  and  – A charge sheet was also served on the Police Prosecutor inside the courtroom


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Note – above is the correct Royal Ensignia as rightfully appears on Supreme Court buildings.   If the private company logo (below) is displayed, the court is a fraud

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Wonthaggi Magistrates Court today!  28 June 2019

Commonwealth Public Official Mr Jim Rech has arrested magistrate Jacinta Studham for Misprision of Treason today during a hearing at the Wonthaggi Magistrates Court, Victoria.
A charge sheet was also served on the Police Prosecutor inside the courtroom.
Mr Rech says that it’s time to drain the swamp and clean out the corruption that permeates the courts in Australia. “People have simply had enough and are now uniting nationwide in order to end the widespread systematic injustices dealt out by these so called courts” said Mr Rech.
The arrest comes just weeks after Myrtleford man, Dezi Freeman arrested Wangaratta magistrate Ian Watkins after successfully challenging the authority of the court.
Mr Rech says the charges will be dealt with by Grand Jury.
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GLEESON CJ : “ In Laurie v Carroll, Dixon CJ, Williams and Webb JJ quoted the statement of Viscount Haldane that “the root principle of the English law about jurisdiction is that the judges stand in the place of the Sovereign in whose name they administer justice, and that therefore whoever is served with King’s writ, and can be compelled consequently to submit to the decree made, is a person over whom the Courts have jurisdiction. ”