End Times ? not yet + Epstein report

1 – This guy, Physician; Ret. Army Captain Combat Engineer; former Ambassador to Russia,  makes a lot of sense – except for these thoughts – ie – tribulations first – then the 2 Witnesses – and many more prophecies must come to pass. As well as 100s of millions more Christians will be killed.  a third will be taken and killed and one third will call on Jesus at His return. (no secret escape “rapture” that comes with His return when “every eye will see Him”)   Remember the souls under the alter who cried out , and the Lord said wait a while longer until your brothers join you – and the nation’s armies will come against Jerusalem, whereever that is.  See transcript of this video after Item 6

2 – The Rumble v Council Case – I am waiting news of the outcome too – a few days.

3 – Epstein –  this was sent to me  I have no source for it   Aren’t you tired of the News repeating that Epstein committed suicide ?


4 – Update on the Magna Cartahttps://larryhannigan.com/constitution-2/magna-carta-full-text/    Go to Articles – Constitution Item 13

5 – How History will judge Queen Elizabeth the 2nd 

6 – The Dead Sea Scrolls – It is amazing how the Father has preserved all these documents for 2000 years, including certain Books the churches want to keep from us .https://larryhannigan.com/forgotten-history/51-the-dead-sea-scrolls/  Go to Articles  – Forgotten History Item 51


REPORTER Rebecca’s NOTES:  (rough transcript)

We all know that Epstein was MOVED from the prison, because the prison guards exposed the FACT that he was moved before the day he “committed suicide”.  Who was in charge?

  1. David Cox, the head of Federated Government Employees and Cerene Greg of Local 3148 … with approximately $37,146 in assets… suddenly after Epstein was moved the night before he committed suicide”..

(How could he commit suicide in a jail cell when he was not there and was moved to Grenada CIA Central?)

…David Cox bought a $6 Million apartment in China, and Cerene near Shanghai bought a $40 Million home… and incredible home… I think he is the head of Local 3148 which has 195 employees.

Suddenly he could afford a million dollar house in China… BECAUSE China has “no extradition” papers with the United States.

They were part of the Clinton Foundation, which is near merely a CIA Operation, which moved heavily into Uruguay to run the Drug Wars in Columbia and Mexico and Venezuela.

This is all CIA and FBI involvement who knows where every Drug lord lives… we have gotten call after call … who cares.  It is a CIA and FBI Intelligence Operation.

Now here is the difference… the Russia KGB (SDR) was assigned to investigate the Clinton Foundation…because all of the Demon-rats… the Democratic congressmen and Senators and all of the Union Bosses… ALL OF THEM were involved in this CIA-FBI drug thing.

They have funneled 5 shooters through the caravans using Democratic campaign financing… to Washington, DC… to KILL TRUMP… because they have to get rid of Trump.

We all know that news… that is today’s news.

We all know the DOW went down… the Plunge Protection Team FAILED… gold and silver went up.

(2.37 minutes)


Are we really living in the last days, or is this just the machinations of the last collapsing empire?

Well, let’s take a look at it.

Matthew 24 says that there will be prophets everywhere claiming to be the returned Messiah… we have all these prophets appearing everywhere.

QUOTE:  “As the lightning comes from the west to the east”… [and in Jerusalem you could see it coming]..

Matthew 24:25-30
25 Behold, I have told you in advance. 26 So if they say to you, ‘Behold, He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out, or, ‘Behold, He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe them. 27 For just as the lightning comes from the east and flashes even to the west, so will the coming of the Son of Man be. 28 Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.
29 “But immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from the sky, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky with power and great glory.


Because the earth is following Lucifer…which basically means… the skies will fill with smoke and our planet will shake.

(3.41 minutes)


The Jews have a book of prophecies that they wrote 2,000 years ago… this will all happen and our Savior will return.

Remember in the constellations (shown in previous show)… the Six-sided Star is next to the Moon-with-the-stars.  So the Muslim symbol in the sky is next to the six-sided star…

…Jerusalem in the End Times will split in two.

They did a huge amount of landfill in Jerusalem.  Now the caves are collapsing.  The sidewalks are collapsing.  And it appears that there is a cave under there that is collapsing… which would SPLIT JERUSALEM IN TWO.

There was a SNAKE that fell out of the wall.  That is a big sign of the Jews.  A snake fell out of the wall, and a huge boulder came tumbling down … and almost killed a gal.

Last week they were praying and a MIST arose where the actual temple mount is… the Muslims have it in the wrong spot… so a mist arose and stayed there all day while they were praying.  That is a sign they wrote about in the Talmud a thousand years ago.

Finally, a few days ago the foxes arose in the Temple Mount and were seen playing.  According to the Jews, when the foxes play again on the temple mount, the return of the Son of Man (Y’shua) is immediate.

(5.24 minutes)

Moses asked:  Who are you?

God answered:  I AM THAT I AM… which is translated in the Hebrew “Yshu  ah shu”.

The Son is “Yshu ah”… which means “Slave of the Living God” or “Servant of the Living God”.

ANALOGY:  If your name was Fred, and you worked for somebody, you would pierce your ear and call yourself “Fred Ah”.

When the Savior was born… Mary said his name would be “Yshu ah”.

Now, there are 49 times in the OLD TESTAMENT … it does not say the coming of salvation… in Isaiah 49:1.  It says:  The coming of Yshu ah.  And it gives the time and place.  This is all over the Old testament.


Isaiah 49:1
Listen to Me, O islands,
And pay attention, you peoples from afar.
The Lord called Me from the womb;
From the body of My mother He named Me.


But if you read this in the English translations… you will be clueless.

(6.25 minutes)

So, we have had all of those signs appearing, and especially the foxes on the temple mount.

That is the one which the Jews are saying:  That is it.  That is the one.  Messiah is coming.

Remember, it was the Jews who killed the Messiah.  It was not the Romans.  They think this is the FIRST MESSIAH that is coming.

They do everything in their path to wipe out the name Yshuah.

In Bethlehem today, they say: Yshu a Massiach (Yshu a, the Messiah).

So, they know.

Now Jesus means “light”… which means “Lucifer”… and it is a French word.

But the Messiah’s name is Yshu ah.

I know many will argue with me… forget it.  It is in the Old Testament.  Yshu ah Mashiach.

(7.17 minutes)


 The world is in an uproar.

In Hong Kong they have tens of thousands of people protesting in the streets and the Chinese troops are shooting them with STEEL CORE rubber coated bullets.

They are shooting them.  They are NOT wounding them.  They are killing them.

In Hong Kong they are up in arms.  Why?  Because in Hong Kong they have certain rights, and China is coming in to suppress those right and to steal all of the tax money.

It is all about money… follow the money.  China wants the income of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was supposed to be a semi-autonomous region per a treaty with Britain.

Britain asked China, “Why are you entering Hong Kong?”

China told them:  “Shut up or we will blow you up.”

The wimpy little British said:  Okay.

The Brits are entangled with this Trump problem …with the Pilgrim Society… and the destruction of President Trump… and with the United Nations that is planning the destruction of the planet on December 21, 2019.

The Brits are entangled with the United Nations and the Queen of England.


(8.22 minutes)

They are protesting in Moscow.

We told Putin:  Do what God wants you to do, and not what you want to do.

He decided to do what he wanted to do 12 years ago, so he padded his own pocket… rather than padding Russia’s pocket.

So now they are up in arms all over Moscow, Petersburg… all the major cities are protesting.

Putin has become nothing more than another dictator… like Xi in China.

We are being run by a bunch of freaky egotistical dictators.

REMEMBER:  When Yshu ah returns, Hell is FOREVER.

(8.55 minutes)

There is rioting in Paris.  Again the police are shooting the people with steel bullets coated with rubber.

They say:  We are shooting with rubber bullets.

Yeah?  So why do the bullets GO THROUGH THE PEOPLE.

They are killing protestors.  They have arrested about 15,000 of them.

They are put in squalor and they barely feed them.

(9.17 minutes)

Then in Spain, Barcelona, and Madrid… there is huge protesting over the fact that the freaks in charge are importing tens of thousands of Black Africans … they are raping and destroying the cities… just like in Sweden.

If you speak about it in Sweden, then you are arrested.

The NAZIs are alive and well… the wing of Lucifer… National Socialists.

What does Bernie Sanders say?  He says, “We want National Socialism.”

What does Joe Biden say?  He says, “We accept Truth over Fact.”  As he grabs a teen girl and tells her, “Don’t mess with me.”  He was not even arrested.

The US Justice System is a joke around the world.

That is why the dollar is falling.

William Barr is a joke.  He could not even arrest Joe Biden for grabbing a high school kid and assaulting her… OUT IN THE OPEN TWO DAYS AGO.  Why is Joe Biden not in prison?

If I did that… or you did that… we would be in prison.

So… there are TWO JUSTICE SYSTEMS: (1) one for those who “bent over” and took it for the Elites, and (2) one for everybody else.

The TWO Justice Systems now appear… WORLDWIDE.

So there is Justice for the people, but no justice for the Luciferin pigs.

(10.41 minutes)

There is rioting in Venezuela over the fact that the food supplies have been cut.

Every time the plant a field… the government obliterates the field looking for Coltan… which is an element used by the “super duper Space Program run out of Bethesda, Maryland by a guy named Robert in the Advanced Technology Division of “Skunk work” productions, named after the cartoon, Ale-Oop.

(11.04 minutes)

There is rioting in the Congo, which has now broken out into war… they have Coltan.  It is the metal of conflict.

Everywhere there is Coltan… the Space Program increases the frequency… pumps in weapons… and they have a revolution.

(11.21 minutes)

In the region of Kashmir in India… they are cranking up the frequencies… the Muslims are going nuts.

Kashmir has been a part of India for 60 years as semi-autonomous.

But… PAKISTAN wants a war… just like they had a war 10,000 years ago… in that region.

They talk about it in the ancient writings.

The Muslims are stirring up the garbage again… the same religion that was before Noah… that started nuclear wars.

Kashmir, India… is in the North Western corner of India… the Punjabis.

The Muslims started rioting… mostly young kids… so India move in with 40,000 troops and said, “We are not going to have war with Pakistan, and if Pakistan “burps” we will obliterate them.”

Well, Pakistan is not only burping, but it is massively killing everybody.

Pakistan is on a killing spree along with Iran.  They are saying:  “If you are not a Shiite, we will kill you.”

What is a Shiite?

They work for Lucifer.  They murder.

(12.28 minutes)

So we have Lucifer RISING UP.

They are increasing the frequencies in America… where right is wrong, and wrong is right…

We have huge earthquake activity… 10,000 quakes at China Lakes… California.

As California begins to crack… along the Sierra Mountain Range… on the back side down along Reno Las Vegas… all the way down to Los Angeles … then through Shasta… to Watson… Eureka…

It does look like California will sink… I don’t know.

(13.02 minutes)

All I know is that the United States is trying to make peace in Rome and with the people in London… who are TRYING TO MAKE THESE THE “LAST DAYS”.

They are doing everything they can to fulfill Biblical prophecy.

I would not doubt that the foxes were planted… so that the Jews can have control over the people.

(13.25 minutes)


JANE:  Why?

MOUNT:  Because they want to CONTROL the people.

They want you to be controlled, so the United Nations can destroy our world.

They want you to look at them… but not to see over there.


All of this is being orchestrated.  They are cranking up the frequencies…. Give people guns… give them money…

(14.02 minutes)

Remember the plane that crashed and it was filled with $100 bills?

The $100 bills is used for drug trades and for revolutions.

100 pounds of $100 bills = 100 million dollars.

They shrink wrap bills in 100 pound bundles.

That way when they move a ConEx… a 8 foot x 8 foot container… they know its value.

The USA is printing the $100 bills in mass… to run terrorism… and to run drugs around the world…

$1.5 Trillion in opium

All of it is orchestrated by the CIA.

They talked about this with a friend of mine… 20 years ago.

HERE IT IS.  The opium crisis they orchestrated.

They talked about the Cocaine crises … $450 Billion that the Clinton Foundation talks about

Well, is it being orchestrated?

Are the earthquakes being orchestrated?  The ones in California are, and they are using an earthquake machine.

They are destabilizing the underground complexes… used a bomb in them 60 years ago… the atoms in the walls are disintegrating.

How about volcanic activity?

I don’t know… but there is a “figure 8” space ship… that hovers over volcanos and fires microwaves directly down into them… so, is this being orchestrated by Man?

We know the Sun is enlarging. 


(15.35 minutes)

We know they are using “piggy”. 

On November 11, 2011… a cruise missile with a variable warhead the W-80… was fired on Omaha.

We warned Omaha on TV for about three days before the event.

Google paints out the dead space in the wheat.

They blew up the machine that was stabilizing the Sun.  It will take decades to rebuild it, but by then, it may be too late.

(16.03 minutes)

So, Obama really did wonders.

He literally set up the destruction of planet Earth.

That guy was evil to the core.

(16.20 minutes)

We have Catherine… who investigated THREE FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS… and there was $21 Trillion missing.    In an audit of the Pentagon… there was $21 Trillion missing.


We have somewhere in the USA … around $100 TRILLION … in missing money.

We also know that the Banks… issue bonds… and sell them three times over….

When we go to cash it in… they say:  Sorry, that is not the real bond.

So you are stuck with worthless paper.

There is $1000 Trillion… in sovereign bonds… worthless.

Something is going to happen… we are just not sure what.