Dealing with Banks, Councils and ridiculous Fines.

1 – Getting rid credit card alleged  “debt”.

2 – Help needed

3 – One more step to cashless Australia

4 – Is the White House moving

5 – Dealing with Banks, Councils and ridiculous Fines. 


1 – Getting rid credit card alleged “debt”.

Jeanne writes – I had a lot of success getting rid credit card alleged debt.   Bought the Book “‘ Bank secrets revealed.
It comes with a disc and downloaded the letters to send to creditors. I had a couple that were sold to another Creditor.   So I had no contract with them.   They keep harassing you for a while by phone, but you can charge them for it.  After a while they give up.

2 – Help needed 

I am embarrassed to ask this … and I am sure many are in a position like me at 75, trying to survive on the pension. Some of you who read my mails and appreciate them are perhaps in a better position with a good salary or business.

On the home page  you see at top right  Paypal which also allows you make a regular monthly donation.  That way, you will hardly miss it, but it will surely help me to keep going.   Thank you in anticipation.    Larry

3 – One more step to cashless AustraliaSocial Security (Administration) Amendment (Cashless Welfare) Bill 2019 

Passed Act No 62  12 Aug 2019 … special thanks to all those who didn’t bother to send any objection whatsoever to Parliament.     Wake up everybody and scream your rights today, tomorrow will be too late. Our children will be living under a fascist regime with no rights, freedoms, or choice of employment. Enslaved to the UN and the fascist constructors.

4 – Is the White House moving to a Higher Location ?

I dunno if this is 100% true.       (see Energy and Climate Item 27)

5 – Dealing with Banks, Councils and ridiculous Fines.

I have known Mark P a long time and I am aware of hearsay rumours which are thrown around about him and anyone else who is battling the Banks, Councils and ridiculous Road Fines. Mark has achieved many wins, not all of course, but I recommend this.

From Mark P – In the last 10 days, we have achieved 4 exciting and significant successes, to be shared at the upcoming workshop. We are winning all over Australia folks!  If the following subject areas give you great angst or concerns, or you have contacts that are in challenging financial or legal dispositions then the upcoming workshop affords solutions and remedies;

  1. Escalating and out of control cost of living & Debt Levels

  2. Increasingly aggressive actions of predatory Corporations & how to deal with them, such as the tax office, councils, banks, debt collectors and others

  3. Legal proceedings, and much more

Have you ever stopped to think of the plans you made this year, and what you have or haven’t  achieved so far?

Is the current financial path you’re proceeding with the best that can be achieved? so Is there opportunity to improve & do better?

Do you ever wonder why the wealthy appear to prosper & grow their wealth even during periods of economic stagnation or even decline?

Like to know some answers, solutions and strategies, so you too can put financial struggles behind you?

We’d like to invite you to our 2 day “Rules of the Game” Part 1 workshop, a workshop designed to lay firm financial foundations to;

  1. Protect you and your estate/assets, and

  2. Enable the creation of wealth and prosperity, and

  3. Deal with current financial and legal dispositions with the view of mitigating debt, the number one cause of preventing prosperity and wealth generation.

  4. Also move to the world of the “private jurisdiction” where you’re outside the reach of the public,  where you are far less accessible & vulnerable to corporate pirates & predators, thereby enjoying a stress free world where what you achieve and what you earn is YOURS and nobody else’s. It’s the realm of the elite & super rich!

If the subject areas disclosed within the invitation attract your attention, then book your ticket early and attend an event that a number of business man have claimed is extremely under priced for the material & strategies presented. Seven (7) seats remain, so book your seat promptly to reserve it!

Looking forward to meet new folks who wish to empower themselves so as to improve their financial dispositions and help spread a message of hope in an increasingly challenging worldwide economic environment.   Car parking is $10 per day at the Hotel or alternative parking for free in local streets.

Kindest Regards

Mark Pytellek

Solutions & Empowerment