Rod Culleton + How to Handle Bad Cops

1 – Rod Culleton 18 Aug 2019

Great news – We have the Once Secret Files  14m

Whitlam Government, My Government

Royal Style and Titles Act 1973,          No. 114 of 1973 of 19th October 1973

For a Government of “Australia” 3 pages

Australian Government Gazette No. 152, of 19th October 1973, 5 pages

For use by the Government of Australia held to the Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 created their own: “God” (not being Nature’s God)  “Governor-General of Australia”    “Great Seal”  “Great Seal of Australia”“Royal Great Seal”    “Parliament of Australia”    “Our Australian Parliament                     “Government of Australia”    “Our Sign Manual”   “Our Royal Proclamation”   “Queen of Australia”     “Elizabeth R” (“R” stands for the Latin Regina, meaning “Queen”   All under the Political Parties definition of Australia NOT under the definition of Australia as created under the Primary Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted.    Dick

Royal Style And Titles Act 1973 (ProclamationEtc5pp)

2 – Useful to know – in your letters

2a – The use of brackets such as [ .. ] ( .. ) “ .. “    The use of brackets on certain information on a form combines a grammar device with legal theory to legally isolate whatever is inside the brackets from (thus, render it legally inapplicable and insubstantial to) the body of text within the surrounding contract. Square brackets … are used to indicate that something has been added to the original text [for editorial purposes] of clarification or comment.    EXAMPLE: The reporter added that this woman  [Mrs Wood] had suffered severe injuries. A mother wrote that her son was ‘frightened [sic] to go to school’.

2b – A Registrar cannot lawfully issue Court Orders

This is the High Court Precedent that says that the summary judgement against you cannot be enforced as it is a void court order made by a registrar, rather than by a magistrate or judge.   It has not been made by a member of the juduciary. The registrar has no form of judicial power, and thus cannot make court orders.

Give this to anyone trying to enforce the void order. Also get a written copy of the order from the court. There are ways to get it without paying as well … “A registrar is not a court officer…. He is an officer of the executive government, and that being so it is constitutionally impossible to invest him with any form of judicial power.” Kitto, J: R v Davison [1954] HCA 46; (1954) 90 CLR 353 (10 September 1954)

3 – “Peace Officer”  manners – not all cops are bad ?     3 mins

Diarmuid writes – In Victoria we call them the Bulls Tits. Unless you are selling drugs on the street or running an Ice Lab you are vulnerable to their attacks. Lawyer X the bag man/woman daughter of ex governor Gobbo  between the cops and the gangsters. Will not release documentation on Bourke Street madman’s pre disaster records. Three years on because of deliberate legalistics funded by the tax payer we the public are still non the wiser as to why they had a lunatic AND THEN LET HIM GO – ten days before he killed six innocent people including a child and a baby. Go back to the incompetent corrupt inefficient Judiciary the eight legged spider six states, two territories with the monstrous head the feds. Weaving its dastardly web throughout this nation and entrapping us every day citizens in its web caught like flies in its trapped and left to be devoured by the 66200 unaccountable thieving members of the legal profession.

4 –  Police bashing Disability Pensioner 2 mins

The Text   “You like that? You like that? Smells good, doesn’t it?”   Those are the words of a Victorian police officer as he empties a canister of capsicum spray into the face of a disability pensioner.  “Put your hands behind your f***ing back,” he says, as another officer puts a police boot on the man’s head to hold him down and five others grab his arms and legs. One uses a police baton to strike the man’s lower leg repeatedly.

Horrific footage of the incident was published on Tuesday ahead of a shocking 7.30 report detailing how five officers tackled John on the front lawn of his home in October 2017.  John is not a criminal. The officers were carrying out a welfare check at the request of a concerned psychologist.     “I thought I was going to die,” John told 7.30.  The footage, obtained by Fairfax, was captured on John’s own security cameras which he installed after a series of break-ins. It shows police approach his front door and plead with him to come outside.

He tells them, “F*** off, get off my f***ing property” and “I’m alright, I’ve just gotta get through this”. He’s referring to withdrawals he’s experiencing after taking himself off pain medication following back surgery. He tells officers “get the crowbar, you’ll have to shoot me”.  The ABC reports that John has a minor assault on his police record dating back 10 years and that the official police report details how he came at officers with two raised fists.

As the door opens, one officer sprays him directly in the face. Others grab his arms and pull him forcefully towards the ground at the front of his northern suburbs home.  “My back,” John screams as police hold him down.

Later, the footage shows police spraying a high-pressure hose in the Melbourne pensioner’s face. John told 7.30 there was a watering can nearby but the officer chose to use the hose instead.

“He’s aiming for my nostrils and it’s going into my lungs and that’s when I started choking from the water and from the hot mace going into my respiratory system,” he said.

As John sits on the lawn with his hands behind his back and a hose being sprayed in his face, one officer pulls out his mobile phone and starts recording.  The officer tells him, “Definitely don’t shape up to me, mate”. As officers grin, John tells them, “Have a laugh, I’m a disability pensioner. That is how tough youse are.”  John has taken his case to the Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission, the ABC reports.

The footage has led to widespread condemnation of police tactics. Today show host Karl Stefanovic launched in on Tuesday’s show, saying police have “serious questions to answer over this”.  “I don’t think I have seen anything more brutal than that from police in a long, long time in this country,” he said.  “So they were called to this man’s residence and they tried to get into the door. They were called because there was some concern over this guy’s mental health.

“What happened after that is shocking. It is shocking that it has happened in this country … not just the pepper spray at close range, but then the humiliation of this hose in this guy’s face and then taking photos. “It is as bad police brutality as I have ever seen.”

Victoria Police declined to comment specifically on the incident. Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius will front a press conference in Melbourne at 9.30am on Tuesday to respond to allegations of police misconduct.

5 – Handling bad Cops    7 mins

Warning – Before attempting this

(a)  make sure you “know your stuff”, and

(b)  make sure you are not holding any of ‘their’ “Joker Cards”  e.g. your surname, any licenses, any registrations, bank accounts, benefits, Medicare Card – and so the list goes on and on.

Text 0:10  “They are a non organisation registered on DUNN & BRADSTREET as a private foreign commercial operation, profiting on public lands.”

0:23  What a balmy winter’s afternoon for a bike-ride in Cairns, in tropical far north Queensland Australia)   Lat. 17 degrees South

0:33  What’s this I espy?  “P.C.Plod” is illegally parked?. But wait, everything Qld Police does is for “Road Safety”

0:53  I’ll just park the bike safely over here and ‘go and investigate’

1:05  Parked in the shadows, with the camouflage paint-job and the afternoon sun in your eyes – very hard to see.

1:33  P.C.Plod believes he is exempt from the Queensland Traffic Acts, Codes, etc., however, he is not exempt from the “Criminal Code 1899” sec 328A – Dangerous operation of a vehicle

sec 200 Refusal by public officer to perform duty

sec 204 Disobedience to statute law

1:36  and so the dialogue begins

1:53  “Reason to park illegally: to complete paperwork”

2:03  State your Name and Number please

POLICE POWERS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ACT 2000 – 637     Supplying police officer’s details

2:11  Go and park somewhere else

2:16  “527-XLW”  [ should P.C.Plod decline/refuse to give up his name and details, simply take down the registration number of the  vehicle, as he had to ‘sign it out to use it’. ]

also,   Less serious complaints

If a police officer has been slow in responding to your call, rude to you, or has failed to identify himself/herself, you should:

02:20  Police cars are registered as commercial Police have an A.B.N. registered as a “non-organisation”

02:38   You’re not even a police officer

02:44  You’re illegally parked

02:57  Cnr Quarry St and Aeroglen Rd Aeroglen Cairns Q’ld.

03:00  Parked too close to the corner, too far from the gutter.

03:10  Are you from Traffic Branch?

03:17  wind your window down a bit so I can here

03:20  Come on, be civil

03:25  you go park somewhere right

03:28  don’t park illegally

03:31  Do you want my name?

03:35  I’ll give you my name, then we’re contracting

03:39  Mate, you better move on, eh

03:46  Come on man, move on, you go park legally

03:49  You got plenty of time to do that, you work for us, come on

03:55  Oi, you do as you’re told, this is commercial, you think you’re running a commercial operation here, it’s a commercial operation.

04:02  [ Door opens ]

04:07  Yes, you’ve got it, I will move on

04:10  [ P.C.Plod exits car ]

04:11  What? are you doing something business? You can park over there

04:14  [ P.C. Plod ] “I’m parking here. OK”

04:18  [ P.C. Plod ] “Please move away from the vehicle, you’re hindering me from doing my job”

04:22  You’re not doing your job properly

04:24  you’re illegally parked, you’re commercial

04:26  Don’t step up to me, I’ve stepped away from you.
This is one of the many ‘ploys’ they use, they keep stepping up to you until they bump you, then they cry “Assault” and next thing you know, you are down on the ground with handcuffs on.
04:29 [ P.C. Plod ] I don’t want to get into an argument with you

04:31  You already have, you are illegally parked.

04:35  Well go park properly, you are a commercial operation you are commercially registered. You are not government.

04:41  [ P.C. Plod back in car ]

04:42  Is that an order? Is that an order? Is that an order?
Always ask three (3) times. Should it be an order, you are quite within
your rights to charge them
04:50  Yeah, move on, that’s an order

04:53  Romley Stewart [ “123456789” is Born Document Number ]

04:56 That’s an order, move on (been given the direction 3 times)

05:00  “Their authority only extends to UNITED-STATES Citizens of the District of Columbia. Not to an Australian National or any national of any country.”

05:12  “A Citizen of the COMMONWEALTH-OF-AUSTRALIA corporation is a foreign UNITED-STATES citizen of the District of Columbia”

05:14  P.C. Plod drives off

05:20  “The MOVE-ON-AUTHORITY derived from the primary document number denoting public authority over foreign commercial operations on public highways and lands.”

05:40  P.C. Plod’s car registered as ‘Commercial’, (not government)

05:45  UNIDROIT Treaty signed without a referendum

05:53  Liberals and Fraser remained silent

06:00  “Who sold us out ???”

06:06  “They represent a foreign private contracting fraudulent commercial administration without proclamation or valid consent.  T-R-E-A-S-O-N

06:17   “Police are not Government!
The COMMONWEALTH-OF-AUSTRALIA is a foreign private US “administration” company of the UNITED-STATES, WASHINGTON, District of Columbia,   USSEC”

06:28  End Credits