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1 – Wayne Glew 22 Aug 2019

2 – Our Ruthless Banks 

3 – Mel Gibson Exposes Hollywood Cannibals  

4 – Google censoring

 5 – Rape increasing – guess Who

1 – Wayne Glew 22 Aug 2019  Federal Gov Item 27

2 – Our Ruthless Banks     Banks Item 13

And the results – see video 2 on the same link and see Mortgage explained on

3 – Mel Gibson Exposes Hollywood Cannibals

According to Mel Gibson, who claims that “Baby Blood” was so popular in Hollywood that it operates essentially as its own currency, Hollywood studios “with the blood of innocent children” have been established.
Hollywood elites are an enemy of humanity, constantly working against our best interests and breaking every taboo known to God, including the sanctity of children, said Mel Gibson in London, where he spoke about his role at Daddy’s Home 2 famous roles have been on the screen for years.

“It’s an open secret in Hollywood. These people have their own religious and spiritual teachings and their own social and moral contexts. They have their sacred texts – they are sick, believe me – and they cannot refute what America stands for  Mel Gibson appeared on the Graham Norton Show and appeared in front of the BBC and shocked the guests about the true nature of the Hollywood elite.
He explained that for the past ten years he has been working on his own ideas outside of the Hollywood system, after being blacklisted by Hollywood in 2006 for sharing views on industry and the world that contradict liberal liberalism.
“I don’t know how to gently break it … Hollywood is institutionalized pedagogy. They abuse and abuse children. »

“They get a huge number of kids every year. Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, give them instructions to harness the energy of children. They celebrate these things and thrive well, “said the Hacksaw Ridge director.
What I mean; This is not a kind of artistic abstraction. They harvest the blood of children. They eat their meat. They believe it gives them vitality. If the child has been physically and mentally disabled before his or her death, he / she believes that he / she will gain extra life force.

Most of us have a creative and loving power that guides us through life. These people don’t have it. For them it is the opposite. According to Mel Gibson, who has lived in the Hollywood system for 30 years and beyond, says: The industrial elite thrives on pain, trauma, stress, abuse and suffering.

Hollywood is saturated with the blood of innocent children. All references to pedagogy and cannibalism have long been symbolic or implied.  I came to witness it in the early 2000s. I can talk about it now because these people, the leaders, are now dead.
The blood of a sexually abused child is considered “enriched” and valuable. Money changing hands, favours, failures – you have no idea. Babies are a highly functional currency in itself. Babies are their top brand for high quality coca diamonds.
Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’

4 – Google censoring – A few people tell me this appears when trying to upload items  hmm

Google - censor Christian

Veterans tried to put this vid up   they received this

We know that religious beliefs are personal, so we don’t allow advertisers to target users on the basis of religion. Beyond that, we don’t have policies against advertising that includes religious terms like “Christian”.

We ran the exact same ad with the keyword “Muslim” & it was approved but “Christian” was not.  Additionally, we’ve ran ads with the keyword “Christian” for years. This year alone we had 150,000 impressions on that word in our ads. As per your support line this is a new restriction

5 – Rape increasing – guess Who

Rolf Harris and various Priests, who are RAPISTS,…well, that is nothing compared to what young white girls in Australia are Bound to be Confronted with … Hear this woman, less than five minutes..

Doesn’t it start to gel ?? WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP,… their is a tsunami of anti white girl madness fomenting. is a way to steer away our nation from such horror,…but the hour is indeed, late.