Shock – some Good News

1 – 5G in USA Court

2 – Put you phone back to 4G

3 – French Court and Smart Meters

4 – Personal Protection against 5G and Chemtrails

5 – See Wayne’s Video


1 – Federal Court Overturns FCC Order

Bypassing Environmental Review For 5G and Small Cell Wireless 4G Densification.
Environmental Health Trust » Blog Archive Federal Court Overturns FCC Order Which Bypassed Environmental Review For 5G & Small Cell Wireless – Environmental Health Trust

2 – Switch your phone off 5G while you can

4 + 5

Jane writes … Heard an anecdote today of someone who got a new phone and every time she went to Tweed coast she got a headache and realised it was because the phone was switched over to the 5G towers as she travelled. She called the Telco and complained and they switched her phone back to 4G (somehow) and now she can drive to Tweed without getting headaches. You can request that your phone doesn’t go to 5G when you are near one.

3 – French Court Rules That Smart Meters Are Making Homeowners Sick


4 – Protection against 5G and Chemtrails

coming 5G

AWARENESS: The negative forces in the world are using Chemtrails to spray us with nano bots that are very small-invisible, which activate when ingested from the air


Above – A Nano Bot … greatly magnified.  Nanobots are man-made robots that are microscopic, measured on the scale of nanometers    Below – how they work


Protect yourself personally

AWARENESS: The negative forces of this world are using Chemtrails to spray us with nano bots that are very small-invisible, which when ingested from the air, activate the following

CANDIDA  (occurs naturally in body to facilitate decomposure on death) + MORGELLONS.  both deadly fungal infectiona !

Candida symptoms . fatigue . brain fog . digestive issues . sinus inflammation . depression . joint pain . thrush . yeast infections . other fungal infections.

Solution cheap “Borax” . from your local supermarket . or hardware store . also detoxes Fluoride . from body . brain !

Prevention: WARNING – MEASURE EXACTLY or dilute more – Borax can kill if overdose1 pinch in 1/2 litre of water (preferably fluoride free!) . divide this into 3 drinks . taken 3 times a day .(Max dose for 90 kg body weight = 1/4 teapoon)

Also combats – Arthritis . Hormone inbalance . Decalcifies Pineal gland . Improves cell function . Absorbtion of minerals . improves wound healing .

Plus Apple Cider Vinegar . 2 teaspoons . same ingestion details as above .

Encourages proper PH level . healthy blood sugar . detoxifies Liver . helps Heart . reduces pathogens . bad bacteria . reduces belly fat . helps bone health + facilitates calcium absorption .

5 – See Wayne’s Video