Around Australia there are many good people working together to help everyone understand how the political party corporate government has taken HM Queen Elizabeth the Second (of the UK) out of the Constitution, resulting in a lawless government.  We can all learn and act now to get back to our lawful Commonwealth of Australia government.

We are lucky to have been freely given the hard work by Paul Capocasa to share with you. He has spent a lot of effort researching the charges to lay against the corrupt and treasonous politicians and pretend Govt employees. Now that he has submitted his charges to those named in his Summons he has given us permission to share the summons template with everyone.

Now you can prepare your own Charge & Summons to issue to anyone you can prove has behaved criminally or treasonously, or both.

If you do not know enough about Common Law and the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, please ask for advice from someone who has studied them. A CPO must be well-versed in the law, but others may also be able to help.   Dick Yardley’s book  is also a big help, as Dick has compiled all the crimes and treason the political parties have committed, with references to the laws they have broken.

Keep reading to get the template to Lay Your Charges

Once you have prepared your Charge & Summons you can lodge a charge against someone by simply doing so at the local magistrates court.   Crimes Act Sec 13.  They will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet on the individual named.  Download your sample Charge Sheet & Summons – see below

But first – from Paul Capoasa – the author

Dear Larry – Here is the final version of the “Charge sheet” for Constitutional breaches.  Anything in red needs to be updated with the details of whoever is sending the sheet in.

– They need to include their own House of Representatives MP

– The date

– Their own instrument ID  (Can be anything you can remember)

– The accused name in “Title Case” (e.g. Scott Morrison) –

– The reply address of sender and change colour to black

– Remove the opposite gender of sender and change colour to black.

This is not a 100% PERFECT document and if anyone can add a valid breach, it is encouraged.

It is also encouraged to send this to Senators, Police (Specific name & Badge number), Judges, Lawyers, Councillors, Mayors, Council CEO’s…and anyone else who is NOT taking our laws, “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” seriously.

In 1942, Chief Justice of the High Court,  John Latham made a PUBLIC ruling that the highest law in this country is “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” and no legislation can over rule it.  In 2003 Chief Justice of the High Court Michael Kirby, said the same thing.

Print your Charges template here

There are 2 versions (Identical content) depending on what people can open….”Word 1997-2003″….and “Word 2007”.

1 – Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

2 – Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Best regards,

Paul Capocasa


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Please play your part in the recovery of our once great home and country.