PM Scomo bans 5G in his suburb ?

If this is true – be very concerned …

I doubt it is true, but wish is was.

It has been relayed to me that Scott Morrison has banned 5G in his own suburb.  It was private info from his neighbour in Port Hacking …

This reminds me of Tony Abbott allegedly exempting his children from vaccination.

Surely, most pollies etc have seen the video below by Sacha Stone. What they are doing with this lethal smart crap, but not a squeak about it, especially from any pulpit. Instead of refereeing fights about river water, and allowing the Chinese to buy up cheap drought stricken Australian farms … of course he knows about 5G, but he is under the thumb of his UN bosses of Agenda 21, as are Local Councilors as  in my last mail out   How may of you have laid charges, or do you really want what they have in store for you ?

True or not –  you had better watch this below and then decide why you want to keep your beloved smart phone – throw it in the bin. Get a simple Nokia type phone – yes, you will be able to make and receive phone calls and store the phone numbers of your friends.