Massive rates hikes – will you be next + do you care?

1 – Massive rates hikes – will you be next + do you care? 

watch this 8min video

I guess most don’t care.  I am staggered – and these pics says it all. We are not being shot yet, just taxed and disposessed and jailed.

PS that is the correct red flag

Gov shoot

I guess most don’t care.   Of the several thousand people to whom I sent info on how to make these criminals take notice, less than 20 people even bothered to click on it.  So how many actually did lay charges is anyone’s guess.

Here again are the charge sheets you can lodge against anyone acting criminally anyone while pretending to be authorised by some “gov’t” or department.

A Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 1997-2003)

B Charge sheet for Australian parliament (Word 2007)

Any person can lodge a charge against a pretend Govt employee by simply doing so at the local magistrate’s court.  It is a Criminal Charge, so a magistrate cannot hear it, he must pass it up to a higher Court.  After you have lodge it, you might inform the one you have charged, maybe a harassing Councillor or police who may back off ?  The charge will remain hanging over them until they disprove it.   This is not legal advice, just a thought … eh.

Note on top of the Charges list – they are/were an accessory to the crimes and have shared in the plunder via extortion through rates, fines and fees. Also remember that most houses were built without council interference and permits. Most town halls were built voluntarily.

And don’t forget the Nuremberg Principles which are adopted world wide.  Principle IV.   The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

When you lodge, at the local magistrate’s court, they will give you a proof of service sheet to complete once you have served the charge sheet containing the one you have named. Their day will come – so keep your paperwork in a safe place !


2 – Greenies Protesting

Why is it?

  1. When a tree is going to be cut down – ‘Greenies’ are everywhere protesting
  2. When there is a bush-fire ‘Greenies’ are nowhere to be found.


3 – The Family Court.  

There are some simple facts to take into account.

The first is that the Marriage Contract has, as the undisclosed third party,  none  other than the Federal Government.  The Family Court is an un-Lawful Court with only a single Judge, making any Family Court hearing an unlawful Star Chamber.  (see link below)

In Family Court hearings, the unlawful Star Chamber Judge ensures that the Government get sits share f the family loot, as well as making sure the lawyers get their cut too.

Never mind the man and woman who have performed the work to amass the goods and chattels that the Court, Government and lawyers gleefully carve up.   This is not to mention that when Gough Whitlam changed the Marriage Act many years ago he also invalidated the Contracts. 

Were you unwillingly declared “divorced” by that court ?   It seems that there is a lot of restitution to be made to people who were processed through the Family Court when their Contracts were actually invalid.