Obama executed report + Scott Morrison knows about 5G

Video : No 1 is heavy going – to equip the serious

No 2  – Essential if you care about your children  

No 3 – Report that Obama has been executed 


Scott Morrison knows about 5G  report – from JaneI found out today: the 5g in Scomo’s Street was temporarily stopped because the neighbour friend of Scomo’s wife, got her to watch  the video 5g apocalypse and she got Scomo to watch it too.  So if he temporarily stopped it, then he must think it is bad!  https://larryhannigan.com/energy-and-climate-change/25-5g-your-smart-phone/ So he has been informed, why can’t a simple legal process occur such as deliver the information about 5g danger from credible sources via registered post, now you have proof he has been notified, then he does nothing, then sue the bugger for whatever – breaking his oath to the people or whatever the enshrinement or documentation of his duty of care is …  Ray Broomhall (successful 5g lawyer) is now busy putting out spot fires – people clamouring to have “their” tower stopped.  I know because I am good friends with the lady who liaises with him in relation to 5g … Jane 

Interesting that since his visit to USA, Scomo is now telling the UN – Australia first. Lets hope he has the courage to follow it thru and make Gillard and Bishop and others get back the $millions given to Clinton and the UN etc.

Trump knows – If you watched his speech at the UN – he essentially said USA will not support it any more … he is becoming more aware of what he is up against … hardly the speech of a clone as some allege on hearsay – who but the enemy would want us to think that way?. I looked at a photo of me 40 years ago, not the same man … hmm … I guess I must be a clone  ?

Shorten knows – that we the people are sick of his leftie extremism agenda, climate hoax and more taxes.

Some pastors are waking up  https://larryhannigan.com/sermons/22-pastor-omar-thibeaux-sermons/

Richard Footly knows –Footly is 1 in 3 who has done the hard yards and know the importance of correct spelling – While away on a business trip, he wrote to his wife – “all is going well, I wish you were her.”

A 17m video on how dumb some people are https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=135&v=fFkN5H4CCY0

Excellent 10m climate video from Andrew Bolt   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KArS5ArSYY4

California Power Blackout