Solar hot water – No solar Panels – No batteries

This 120 litre model is good for 2 people

120 litre

Quote M20 to get the special price of  $900 … plus freight to you.
This price includes a small
electric circulation pump as well – or gravity feed can be enough.

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0428 304 337

I have this system for 4 years – no problems – even on overcast days you get warm water – except for a few very cold sunless days a year.  Full sun days give almost boiling water within a couple of hours from sunrise. Very well insulated to keep water hot overnight … Larry

Good stuff Larry.
I have had one of these for 9 years, except its a 24 tube 240litre model. I have a family of 5 with 2 teenagers.  I used $10.50 (47.5kw/h) over a 12 month period (boosting the water during winter) $10.50 for 1 years hot water!
Cheers … Daniel