What is fake news ??

I find it sad that when some article has been circulated and then found out to be deliberately fake news, there are howls of “you’re a conspiracy nutter” hurled from the inert throng, many of whom probably attend the Church of Inertia ?  Yet such people will frantically seek to accumulate as much fake “money” as they can by any means, fair or foul, including collecting usury.


On Oct 14 mail out I asked whether an article about Obama was fake or true – I wrote   Report that Obama has been executed = Fake News ?   who can know, but many military do.  The original long video containing many subjects has been shortened as it contains USA things and politicians with whom we are not familiar. I DID NOT SAY IT WAS TRUE – I ASKED THE QUESTION


Now this one has been sent to me – it says

Well, ‘the jury is still out’ on this one  https://en.mediamass.net/people/barack-obama/deathhoax.html 

Who knows ??    


and here’s another bit of “news”– maybe this is fake,fake ??   – Hi Larry – Trump is up to something, and now he says that he wants Hillary to run in 2020 so her record can be made available. He’s her friend. Regardless of which of them wins in 2020, we will be betrayed.

Well that poses a problem too  – Hillary is supposed to be dead, or a “clone”   yeah eh ? maybe your local postman is a clone too ?? Maybe we must all wait until the little green men arrive ??   


Here is a FB article –  from California, so I’m told


This is the first photo to surface from the recent 10/11/19 California fires, the exact location still to be determined.
One thing for sure is, the fire shown in this photo did NOT result from a natural forest fire!  Zoom in, notice the surrounding green trees untouched by fire?
Do you notice the untouched homes directly behind the burnt homes? This is one of many photos soon to come all which will prove DEW, Direct Energy Weapons, were used to kill thousands.   Don’t forget PG&E cut off power to nearly a million people just days before this false flag fire was carried out!
Don’t forget the people were warned there would be fires days ahead of time only further proving this was pre planned for 10/11/19 aka 911


To check this, just ask a friend who lives in that area to verify.  Heaps of pics like this one.

cars 3

Cars-1-740x493A row of burned vehicles are seen on Skyway during the Camp Fire in Paradisecars 5

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