Here comes China!

Amazing propaganda – any nation can do all this by using a proper money system – we had it before our politicians sold us out by selling the CW Bank in 1961, so who is the proper Gander and who is the proper Goose ?  Be sure to look at this book.

Video 1 – China on the move

Yes China has heaps of poverty too as does many western countries. No doubt the excess population of “Useless Eaters” will be eliminated by vaccines and smart devices according to Agenda 21 – see after vid 2.  Be sure to get these 2 videos to every politician ! and read this simple parable even a child can understand

Australian can do likewise starting tomorrow

Video 2 –  China’s Megastructure Projects – this video is from 2016 – many of those projects would be completed now.


A simple explanation of Chemtrails –

How to get out of a choke hold