Rain Stopped – Military active.

1 – Rain is being blocked  

See video 3 on


2 – What is the Military doing above the Fires

Interesting … hiding under the guise of bushfire scanning ? – see the you beaut plane –   Lear JetNowraNew Wildfire Explosion Does Aluminum From Chemtrails Make Fires Burn Much Much Hotter


Sweden Sees Severe Wildfire Outbreak


This is pretty heavy – 11 mins

“It Will Be The End Of Energy Companies” | The FORBIDDEN Technology of Nikola Tesla


How English castes Spells


9/11 Where did the Towers go ?

One of the best about 9.11


For the CO2 haters


The brilliance of “scientists”

For all who bleat – “it’s all gonna happen, I don’t care about “politics”,  there are no fires near me, I’ve got a good job and $$ in the bank  etc … besides, Jeshua is coming any day”.   Well, He didn’t come during WW1 or WW2 when millions were being slaughtered by the war monger politicians and bankers. 

If you care to read Matt 24 properly and stop trying to fit the end time prophesy theories, such as the fake Israel 1948, that was 71 years ago (a generation is 40 yrs). Verse 31 says … He and the angels will gather the elect AFTER His return … not the Rothschild bankers via the Balfour Declaration.

He told us precisely when He will return in verse 14.  So get out of the wishful thinking of the secret “rapture” escape mentality or prepping in the bush or hiding in the pews …

Do what He expects of you … in verse 14 … have you spread the message to your neighbours ? if not, why do you support brownie points missionaries ??  Matt 28.19 is clear enough. Refresh you memory of Eph 5.11 … Ezek 33.6