Telecom Workers destroy Cell Towers +Police to get military-style semi-automatic guns

1 – Telecom Workers destroy Cell Towers Dec 2019

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I note that lots of people continue to look at the Port Arthur article on my site – now know ye this –

2 – Victoria Police to get military-style semi-automatic guns

Police to Pigs

It’s interesting that the only ‘”terrorist” attack  in Australia at Port Arthúr  in Tasmania  was carried out by the POLITICAL PARTIES (including John Howard and Damian Bug).  37 people were murdered, and across the ditch in Aotearoa (the Maori name for the country of New Zealand. The literal translation of Aotearoa is “land of the long white cloud”)  It was a staged event, known to the NZ Prime Minister. No flesh and blood of man died, no one went to any hospital with wounds, no bodies in any morgues,    The Mosque got paid more than $20 million.  As with Port Arthur, it was done to create a reason for gun control in Aotearoa too. Even the fake burials was an ACT to fool the stupid cell phone addicts permeating our societies. When will the stooped neck morons wake up that these criminals are doing all this to save their own necks. They know that we the people, under Sec 61 of the Great Charter (Magna Carta) will shortly come after them.


If people do not wake up that the Super Armed Police are Non Organised Paramilitary foreign mercenaries in arms against the people of the Commonwealth. They are Part of NATO, NWO armed forces.  Their uniforms are obvious.

There have been no terrorist attacks in Australia that were not planned by the puppet masters. designed to persuade the public to think its ok for thugs, criminals to walk around our streets in a disarmed peaceful commonwealth. while they, the real terrorists walk amongst us armed as military, They are preparing for their orders to eliminate millions. Wake up.     See

Note – planned population  2017 = 23million     2025 = 15million  The HAARP manipulated drought will cause food shortages, the DEW enhanced fires will cause much financial poverty.  Both will reduce the population.


this is what it’s all about

Do we need a few guys like this ?

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