Were the Australian Bushfires Set Intentionally? A 6 min video

Were the Australian Bushfires Set Intentionally?     A 6 min video


The severity of the bushfires is increasing substantially. WHY ? This is meant with no harm or offense to anyone who is working tirelessly to contain these fires.

Do politicians and councillors enjoy themselves!

What’s not to enjoy?  Fat salaries and perks.

They spend their time life convincing people to vote for them so they can get big $$ off the government doing mostly nothing beyond working on getting re-elected.

Unfortunately there are a lot of truly evil people in Gov’t here and the World, who do not want peace and good will for you and me.  Good people like you and me find it hard to comprehend just how wicked and devious some people in high places, in Government and Industry, really are.

I am writing to warn you of a bushfire bearing down on you sooner or later.  Well, no, not a bushfire but something much worse, because bushfires go out, but what I am deeply concerned about will be much worse.

I have been giving a lot of thought over the past few weeks, as to whether I should warn you, knowing full well that you may not want to be warned.  But I don’t want to have it on my conscience if I do not.  If it was just a bushfire, it would be an easy decision, and you would expect me to inform you of the perils ahead – and solutions. I will send you stuff, not so much for my generation, but for my Children and Grand  Children, because I don’t want them accusing me of doing nothing.

If you do not want to be informed then you can delete it, but then you won’t be able to delete ‘what’s coming.  Deleting me is not my concern.  I will not send Conspiracy Theories, but, Conspiracy Facts, which are well documented. Over the years I have been building up many sources and my understanding of world affairs, but none of those sources are in the MSM, although some reports are confirmed there.

If you wanna just believe it’s all inevitable. Then read 1st Kings 17.1 about droughts. It’s been done before on a people who reject God and mock His laws on how we should live.

I do not accept that the fires and drought are sufficient reason for the 2nd Coming yet. WW1 and WW2 with millions being murdered by the war mongers was not enough reason – there are massive geological events still to come.  The sooner we as a nation wake up that the mob in Canberra are puppets to their “spiritual” masters and oaths, the better.


NOW – Find time to see  https://larryhannigan.com/2020/01/04/wayne-4-1-2020-time-to-act/


Below is long but brilliant, and even pastors learn from it –  watch at least 5 mins to see where he is coming from – mind boggling – His Testimony starts at 1h 30mins