Wayne + Handling a judge + 2nd Coming delay + Iran

1 – Wayne –exposes the fraud of Fed Govt giving $$ to illegal Councils  13 mins

Item 3 on  https://larryhannigan.com/government-federal/62-wayne-2020-time-to-act/

Heads in sand

2 – Iranians are white and Aryan people, true Adamites  3.5 mins


3 – 2nd Coming – why the delay ?


4 – A Warning for your protection.


5 – How to handle a judge.  8 mins


6 – Treason by a past State Premier

Queensland is a constitutional monarchy with the Queen as head of state, and the Governor is the Queen’s representative in Queensland. The Queen must personally sign the Governor’s document of appointment, and this document,  the Governor’s commission, is sealed with the Public Seal of the State.  (Comment – This Public Seal of the State was created for the Company (the “State”) trading as Queensland Government. NO Crown nor Constitutional Authority.  … also proof of TREASON.)


(This paragraph is TREASON)  – At present Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Queen of Australia. The oath or affirmation (detailed in Schedule 1 to the Constitution) reflects the Queen’s title as “lawful Sovereign of Australia”. The “Public Seal of the State” is the seal that demonstrates the Sovereign’s authority in Queensland. The Executive Government of the State of Queensland (the “State”) has all the powers, and the legal capacity, of an individual. Fundamentally, it is the executive which in this democracy appoints the Judges. 

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