Calculator + Jet Planes no Fuel in the wings + DEW + Lima

Has anyone noticed that the half a dozen or so web sites claiming that the world money system would crash  on 14 January have “mysteriously disappeared” off air?  Egg on their face?  Proved wrong again?  Will their plans to burn all Australia, happen ? … maybe.   The Cyclone season is due in Feb-March.  That might dampen things a bit ?

Methinks some prophesy people are annoyed or even embarrassed when their version of prophesy and End Time events does not happen in the way they expect or want.   WW1 and 2 was bad enough with millions murdered and so many atrocities, was not enough for Christ to come rushing back.   There will be wars and rumours of wars … but the end is not yet  so even floods, fires, more wars and threats or whatever, even vile lifestyles and perversions are just another part of what has always been part of the evil on Earth.  

Matt 24.13-14 tells us when the end begins,  it will be announced by the 1st trump or massive earthquake(s).  so all the speculation about he goats and rams and 7 headed dragons is in vain and we should get on with whatever is our ministry – evangelism and exposing and opposing evil.

1 – Sometimes humour gets the message through, despite a little foul language.   More on the right.

2 – Faster than a Calculator

3 – Jet Planes have no Fuel in the wings.  Another example that almost everything we have been told is a lie. I guess some “engineer” types will make up their all knowing mind before they even look ?   So be it.

4 – DEW ~ Predicted Since 1991 Cartoon   Remember – Directed Energy Weapons are invisible micro waves, not exactly Star Trek type blue flash lasers. You need to watch all, following the cartoon.

Do you remember the cartoon Thundercats … one of favs of the 80’s ? We didn’t understand then what they meant by ‘New world order’ … Drones are sky chemming us today. Nothing natural at all about our weather any more. CA was artificially dried out for years, and then deliberately set on fire. Incredible and disgusting that fire fighters had to stand down, wow. Remember who is ‘the prince of the power of the air’, Satan. Also the part in Revelation where ‘the beast calls fire down from the heavens’.

5 – The Lima Declaration – another look at Video 2

6 – Gough Whitlam – dismissed by whom and why.

7 – How would Christ be politically categorised today ?

Christ Himself