Rates time ? … what are you gonna do ?

aaa 4If you write to any Local Council and you actually get a reply, they will nearly always claim they are “authorised” by some Local Government Act – that is a blatant lie – so let them know from the info below.  It is a lot to absorb but is it worth the thousands of dollars they attempt to extort from you ?  And get others to do likewise.  An effort by just a handful of people will go nowhere – now is the time for thousands to act. PASS THIS ON FOR YOUR SAKE AND THEIRS.

No one will do it for you.  Is it worth the thousands of dollars they will attempt to extort from you ?

These items may help,  but first read all on    https://larryhannigan.com/government-local/18-history-of-local-councils/

Item 1    1. JUDICIARY ACT 1903 – SECT 78B

Item 2    8. ATO Interpretative decision 2005.pdf

Item 3    ATO

Item 4   Download Your My Will Letter

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Something to ponder  –

What kind of individual (including Pastors) does not warn his neighbours and submits to local thieves, liars and extortionists who pretend or even believe they are legit Gov’t ?  Possibly the degree of belief those councillors and staff have of their legitimacy would be proportional to their fat salaries.

Now before you bleat “render unto Caesar”, those thieves and liars are not Caesar, nor is the ATO nor is the State Gov’t.  But “it’s all inevitable and we are in end times” ?  The 1948 Israel generation adherents seem to forget that a Bible generation is 40 years, or even 70 years by some interpretations.  Well 2020 is out of time for that idea.  Matt 24.31 tells us who will gather the elect, and it’s not because of the 1917 Balfour Declaration stunt.  Christ is not gonna come rushing back just because of potential war or rumours of war in Iraq or wherever.

I would even suggest that those who have their version of prophesy all figured out, are the same hiding in the pews on the Vatican Sabbath, and possibly half of them treat Mark 10. 11-12 as a joke. Christ told us the when of his return in Matt 24. 13-14.   So meantime, be a decent individual, teach your neighbours to not submit to the thugs in your community. Lead by example, do not submit to “legal” extortion … obey Eph 5.11. If civil disobedience is a problem, then civil obedience is worse.

PS – Inert Pastors (watchmen) are on notice in Jeremiah 23 and Isaiah 56. 10-12 … Remind them.