Kangaroo Is mining + Police buying up big + NBN exposed + Coronavirus no joke

1 – Mining company drilling plans for gold and zinc on Kangaroo Island

2 – Police buying up Devices for blasting crowds

3 – NBN exposed

4 – The Coronavirus is no joke

5 – Peace Declared in Israel. ?

6 – Greta Thunberg Incorporated

7 – News outlets are mostly repeating the same censored talking points. The lack of truly factual reporting is more than frustrating! Chinese Nurse tells us it is WORSE !

1 – Mining company drilling plans for gold and zinc on Kangaroo Island … How coincidental !


2 – Australian police buying up Long Range Acoustic Devices for blasting crowds … What are they preparing for ? 


3 – NBN exposed on The Project … told ya   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0YeKabc0nxM&feature=youtu.be

4 – The Coronavirus is no joke  ONLY a “Chinese problem” you think? … Think again.

Three planes a week are coming into Darwin from China.  In 2018-19, there were 9.3 million short term visitor arrivals to Australia from overseas, the highest year on record.  China was the largest source country with over 1.4 million visitors nationally, it was also the largest source for NSW, Vic, SA, Tas. and the ACT. I have been told that there are several Coronavirus Strains, a few show no warning symptoms !

Quite apart from the purely medical aspect of the virus breaking out across the world – effects upon economies (and especially the Chinese economy) have potential financial and political ramifications.

Before the outbreak of the Wuhan Virus there were signs that the Chinese economy was not “travelling” well – a significant downturn due to the Wuhan Virus could be “piling Pelion upon Ossa”. The one thing that concerns (frightens, even) the Chinese Communist Party and it’s government – above all else – is “social stability”. The outbreak of civil unrest could affect that social stability and affect the Party’s ability to control the country.

The Chinese Communist Party’s mindset posits that all bad things that happen in China are a “plot” by foreign countries and their agents, to “suppress” China’s rightful ascendancy and to “keep China down”.  So their mindset gravitates towards the use of military force to achieve ascendancy and ensure social stability by appealing to Chinese patriotism.

The idea of a “small local war” quite likely has a foothold in the Chinese leadership, which would give that much needed “patriotic” boost to social stability. Quite possibly they discount the idea of a “small local war” widening into a regional (or even world) war – assuming that other nations only marginally affected would “turn a blind eye” to China’s expansion and the small war.

Very likely,  many of the Chinese leadership (and certainly the vast majority of Chinese people) are totally ignorant of wars and events outside China.

Just in – A new Vaccine for the China virus ?  The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) is launching a rush program to develop a vaccine against the China coronavirus.  The goal?  To have a vaccine ready in an unprecedented  90 days.  And there you have it. An experimental vaccine.

What in the world could possibly go wrong?  One way to find out is to unleash it on millions of people, stand back, and see.  I’m sure you would volunteer for a test run of the vaccine, right? You would certainly offer up your child for a grand experiment, wouldn’t you?  And if you’re a doctor reading this, you’ll definitely inject the vaccine into unsuspecting patients, won’t you? Conscience is such an annoyance, isn’t it?

5 – PEACE DECLARED IN ISRAEL  as Plagues, Earthquakes & Famines Begin

For the “this generation”  prophesy fans – good news or otherwise? considering the current “State of Israel” has nothing to do with prophesy.  Mark 13.27 is not about the 72 year old (too long for a generation) regathering by the Balfour Declaration.


6 – Greta Thunberg Incorporated: The Exposé

28 mins (shorter than a sermon, for those who care really want to know.


7 – News outlets are mostly repeating the same talking points. The lack of truly factual reporting is more than frustrating! Chinese Nurse tells us it is WORSE !