Is this how the Coronavirus started and multiplied ?

Is this how the Coronavirus started ?

Before discussing the item below, it is interesting that corona comes from Lua, one of the most amazing programming languages, a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language. Question – is it natural (highly doubtful) or artificially archonicly produced ?

You have heard “you are what you eat” ? 

More accurately,   “you are what you digest”   You may note what you see in the 2 min video below, are those foods listed as unclean in Leviticus Chap 11.

Now before you legalists bleat Matt 6.31-33, the Father gives the conditions for those who believe they can do what they like, and I think that only a very tiny few would qualify. 

Fortunately in the West, we’ve thrived and prospered because of natural healthy food until a few decades ago. That was before idiots, including even Church groups, brgan taking kids to fast (junk) food places for a special treat. Or even worse, to regard such places as a family restaurant.  Already our big towns and cities have these revolting eateries.  

Drive around you average suburb and notice the gardens – pretty bushes and flowers, manicured lawns, even in backyards. Why – too lazy to bother to work a worthwhile vegie garden ?   Even pots on a balcony can grow lots of good things.


Much easier to rush to your beloved supermarket for fruit and vegies that were most likely picked green, frozen or treated with even more chemicals to fast ripen or give attractive colours. 

Typically in the West, we don’t eat those things shown in this short video, but as long as we continue to embrace race mixing and multi-culturalism (many-cults-and-isms) we can expect the results and curses.  Poor diet means poor health, means you get every bug and virus or whatever comes along,  so you rush to seek relief from pills, drugs and even vaccines or at worse, surgery.  WAKE UP !

Enjoy the 2 min video.

No – the virus did not come from the bats or other things, they are the source of poor health which weakens and destroys people’s immune systems.

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