State of Affairs in China and the effects on Australia.

Sadly, many Australians are becoming numb to what’s happening.

They are more concerned about a traffic fine or the next Church picnic. I suggested that I don’t know if this Coronavirus stuff is all true, but it is better being prepared than not.    Dettol or similar, Vit C, even Bleach – they all can deal with germs.  I wonder who told Dettol to deny the claims on their label which have been there for years?  It is fascinating that the virus started the same day as the Chinese vaccinations began – Decemeber 1st 2019

Thought 1 – So is this all fake and just a new super flu ?

or something with similar symptoms?  Millions die from Pneumonia anyway.  The whole world is being scared into accepting any “new” vaccine that will be released as “the” cure for Coronavirus and more than likely, it will be compulsary.  Millions will line up for such vaccine(s) which will be certainly the lethal one that Bill Gates and the elite want for their 90% world population reduction.

My contact in Wuhan has told me today the situation there is far worse than we are being told.  And isn’t it strange that the President of China Xi Jinping, seems to have dissolved ?  I was just told he is in Hawaaii on holidays … coincidental   hmm.

Thought 2Why were dozens of ‘ghost cities’ built in China?

We’ve all heard different stories about why the Chinese built the ghost cities. Could it be they were built for an outbreak, move the survivors in and destroy the old towns, villages and cities – and of course Chinese culture and history too.

Thought 3How many manufacturing companies

in the west have lost their businesses to the cheap labour Chinese factories?  The Coronavirus has stopped something like 90% of them. And yes, they will stop buying our raw materials – so ??  Would it be possible that we could survive 6 months without the Made-in-China stuff and start making our own using our own raw materials and become self sufficient as we used to be.  To hell the the Bankers and politicians and their money grubbing interest and loans and deals. 

PS  I am tired of saving ytubes

which are likely to be removed, and have someone write to me 3 weeks later and complain – “duh … I wasn’t willing to find time to watch it and now it’s gone … waa


State of Affairs in China Are You Ready For It ?

Agenda 21: Depopulation, Monsanto, Chemtrails and Vaccine

250 Million quarantined & 1.5 Million confirmed.

CREMATION VANS running 24/7 as China orders door-to-door mass roundups of infected citizens to be placed in “quarantine prison camps”


AUSTRALIA and “Commonwealth of Australia” are not the same!   It appears that AUSTRALIA’s border starts 200 Metres offshore and extends 200 nautical miles out to sea also including some islands, however, the Commonwealth of Australia is not “included” in the government’s interpretation of what constitutes AUSTRALIA. This may be happening in all western countries around the world. AUSTRALIA.