Coronavirus and 5G connection + Sports

Fake or Real ?

Zhou Shunxin, a police officer in Xinjaing suddenly collapses while walking. Official report says vaguely that he “passed out” at the front line of COVID2019 control, and was sent to hospital, but it doesn’t say why he collapsed or his current status.  COVID2019 is the new name – or is it another strain ?

Isn’t it interesting that Wuhan installed 5G just weeks before virus outbreak. Corona effect is an electrical phenomenon involving ionization of air causing radiation.

Corona is the field around high voltage electricity. It is the breach of the Corona Field that is the basis of Lightning.

Corona (radiation) kills most high voltage electricians by the time they are 55 years old. Corona severely damages the reproductive cells in the liver.

Corona causes sterility, miscarriages and infertility

Corona is an EMF field that is generated close to high voltage power transmission.

Now, they have labelled those symptoms, to be caused by a “viral” attack called “Corona Virus”.

Coincidence that “5G” will cause all those symptoms of Corona Field Exposure ?

But Wait!

They have a “chemical injection” to cure you from the harmful reactions to radiation upon your reproductive cells, take note: death is a common “side effect” of their “cure”.   Scared people will rush to get the vaccination “cure” or will it be made compulsary.


Coronavirus update from Max Igan

Agenda 20/30 active in Australia

In the RED zone: How hundreds of towns could be DENIED insurance as premiums are set to skyrocket in the wake of Australia’s $1billion bushfire disaster.  Wow, the agenda is moving rapidly. The rich are using it as tax exemption. The carbon tax was meant to build the smart cities, they are using donations as fraud absolutely. People best wake up. The donations could have rebuilt every house burnt.

Nic White For Daily Mail Australia

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