Wayne + Council Sacked + Prayer + China

1 – Stop pussy footin’ around with the Local Council.

They are thieves and liars and they know it – Wayne gives some good advice and how to’s  see Item 7 on


2 – Entire Council Sacked in Victoria

Another in the growing list. Corruption of course, which is rampant in almost every Council. As Wayne explains above, their greatest crime is their behaviour as ‘tho they are lawful and their perpetual extortion demand – “pay us rates or we’ll get our thugs to take your home and property.”


3 – Join the World-wide Prayer    

We are all familiar with 2nd Chronicles 7.14 – so let us now combine and never forget the Power of Collective Prayer.

All prayer is to be addressed to … Our Father, in Heaven … (be sure you have clean hands and a clean heart first)

Thank Him for all your blessings physical and spiritual, then ask for the healing of the people and the land.

Ask Him to stir the pastors into being true shepherds of the flocks, to come out of the Church of Inertia and expose evil.

Ask for our young and not so young to have the intelligence and will to realise what their beloved “device” and wifi is doing to their minds.

Ask the Father to confuse and hinder those who seek to harm us with their weather geo-engineering,

their imposition of the lethal 5G,

their vaccines and the viruses,

the extortion demands by those pretending to be gov’t in all levels,

the corrupt judiciary, State Governors and the Gov General.

the revenue-raising security company employees pretending to be police.

I’m sure you can think of many other facits.

Also ask for the personal needs of the body, soul and mind of your loved ones.

End you prayer in the Name of Yeshua, Our Saviour.  (that’s His real name … 6 mins   https://larryhannigan.com/churches/01c-jesus-or-yeshua/

4 – Corona Virus Unmasked. Chinese Intelligence Officer Reveals True Magnitude of China’s “Coronavirus” Crisis



In 1941, the war was in full horror, some people in London sat in the hill tops waiting in vain for a “rapture” out from any responsibilities. Others prayed as they built Spitfires. Of which group are you a part ? There will be more wars and rumours of wars and He ain’t coming back before Matt 24. 13-14 is fulfilled !  so get to it.