Stan Deyo + How to challenge your Local Council

1 – Stan Deyo – Feb 2020.

Many of you will fondly remember the Stan Deyo presentations across a Australia in 1978-1980, and many have his book – The Cosmic Conspiracy. Stan is still very active and has a mind boggling website –

Watch his update on world events –

2 – How to challenge local councillors.

A follow up to Latest News yesterday – Entire Council Sacked, and I trust you will all pray the suggested prayer at midday every Sabbath.

Steve addressed the Local Council meeting and several good people in the gallery.   BERRIGAN  NSW 2712  Population approx. 1,300 souls.  Berrigan Shire Council meeting – 9.00 am Wed 19 Feb 2020    (We need more good men like Steve … will you step up???

Steve addressed the Councillors, including the non -elected CEO.

He said … Morning to all, and you people in the Gallery,  I notice for the first time in 4 or 5 consecutive shire meetings I’ve attended here, that Our Australian Flag, as a backdrop, in these chambers is absent … likewise, no flags at all on the three flag poles outside, why not ?  I asked.  The Mayor’s comment was a mere mumble … I continued … by not having the Flag, you regard us as slaves/peasants as opposed to being true sovereigns.

The real issue at hand is that BSC isn’t BSC, it is a private ABN company. The Flag that has always been present until today, implies that we all are under and compliant to and with, The Commonwealth Constitution 1901 and Imperial Laws, which BSC certainly is not, on account of the fact that BSC like every other council across Australia, has ignored the Binding Obligation of the 1999 Referendum outcome, on the recognition of local government. We rejected that recognition.

Bear in mind, that the majority of people in a majority of States, said, NO !  Therefore, it is only through stealth, two decades later, that the likes of you at this BSC, are operating outside of our Commonwealth Constitution, PURPORTING to be a municipal shire … and you now have three ABN numbers tacked on … thus BSC is a corporation, with some $34 million of rate payers money in the bank.  You are fuelled and tuned for COMMERCE, competing against local eateries in Tocumwal, FUNDED by ‘rates’, which you lot extort from local ratepayers … it’s a Sting/Scam/Con …😡‼️***

You “BSC” cannot rely upon the NSW Local Government Act 1993, since it is also a fictional furphy, having not attained Royal Assent … furthermore such an Act, is best described as defective and disabled. This very Act never received the required third reading before Parliament, hence it is vaporised, so what allows you BSC and other shires all across Australia, to dog paddle ?  From whence do you and the other shires, get your traction and direction ? Fraud, deception and lies !!

At the last shire meeting, I gave you bombshell evidence, that due to an FOI from the ATO, that all councils across Australia, as incorporated entities, cannot charge or collect taxes, fees or rates … you are void of a contract ! *** and no State Govt can authorise you to do so.


Once again, BSC is not a shire, it is a trading corporation, and since you’re all driven by the ‘must be profitable mindset and the ends justifies the means’.

But frankly, you mob, BSC, is stealing, killing and destroying … you have no licence and more importantly, you have no contract with anyone in the shire that we know of !

I told you all, that the game is up, the cat is out of the bag. I speak the Truth and the facts that I rely upon are available to all.

Where is the ground swell support for your restaurant on the river in Tocumwal from … the People ?  There isn’t any, despite the 181 signatures which were obtained late last year in a survey I gave you,

The People also asserted, that yes, they want the Main Toilet block re-opened in Tocumwal. If any of you councillors or staff, dare follow through with your threat of destruction of such a re-commissioned facility, I will be charging each of you, with criminal damage for your vandalistic carry on ! Be aware, the Crimes Acts, are alive and well and in full effect in Australia.

Already, BSC has caused loss, damage and injury to all the eateries in Tocumwal, with your looming threat of your grandiose Taj Mahal white elephant restaurant experiment, and you all are sitting ducks to be litigated against by locals … in fact I recommend that ‘rate payers’ stop paying rates forthwith.  I do not recommend mayhem, so re-educate yourselves about our Constitution 1901 and its provisions.

Some of you mocked me with disbelief … so I dropped a couple of names, Matt Comyn CEO, Combank and Shane Elliott CEO, ANZ  who potentially will be brought before the ICC in Europe facing charges for same reasons as you blokes.

Corporation people are atypically dumb and ignorant about what is real, having absolutely no grasp of our proper Commonwealth  Constitution 1901 … and so it was in this meeting, I referred to, Queensland Criminal Code 1899  sect 514,  ‘personation in general.  1, Any person who, with intent to defraud any person, falsely represents himself or herself to be some other person, living or dead, real or fictitious, is guilty of an offence which, unless otherwise stated, is a misdemeanour, and the person is liable to imprisonment for 3 years  You lot fail to have the nous, to catch on. Note such, Messrs Larsen / Perkins.


Spread this far and wide, We can Win !


Steve Lloyd.

Treasurer, Finley war memorial hall association & CPO

PS… a major enemy within the Corporatised Shire problem that is smothering locals across Australia is summed up on

A statesman-like gentleman, Wally Klinck, once said to me about bureaucrats with a do-gooder mindset, if unchecked, Power Drives Them Mad !  How apt !