Mayor admits fraud + Culleton Court + 5G

1 – Local Council Mayor admits fraud

Remember – In all States, Local Government Acts were enacted AFTER we rejected the Australia Act etc, in the 1999 Referendum.

Local Government Acts were enacted under a Political Party Republican Emblem and copyrighted. (massive fraud)

Here is what we are supposed to bow down to –

Land (Holding Amendment) Act1992 Act No.17 of 1992. Political Parties Republic Public Seal of the State and Copyrighted.

‘Only persons authorised to deal with ‘Queensland Government’ land

‘15B. Only the Minister, or a person authorised by the Minister, may deal with land held under the name ‘Queensland Government’.’.         

© The State of Queensland 1992.  

No Crown law is Copyrighted.

This restrained the Queen by using the Political Parties Republican Public Seal of the State to take over all land in Queensland = Treason

And here is more of their fraud – 

Local Government Act 1993 No.70 Sealed by the Political Parties Republic Public Seal of the State and copyrighted © The State of Queensland 1993



  1. In this Act—

“local government” means a local government established under this Act;

“local government area” means a part of the State that is established as a local government area under this Act;

Queensland so called “Government” claims to own all Land in Queensland for THEIR sovereign, independent and federal nation and THEIR Local Government (Councils) are an extortion racket as well as verifying their Treason.

According to this, their Act; Local Government is established under the Political Parties Republic for their sovereign, independent and federal nation.

Wake up people – their Acts are fraud and are invalid – Section 109  CWA Act Constitution 1901


2 – Rod Culleton in Court

Some of you have already seen this from last November

Remember – The Western Australian Parliament removed Her Most Excellent Majesty, Queen of England in 1988. Therefore THEIR Queen of Australia is only a piece of paper, not an individual and it doesn’t need protection.  They also removed Treason from their Criminal Code, which is also a Treasonous action.

Western Australia CRIMINAL LAW AMENDMENT ACT No. 70 of 1988

Thus, The Western Australian Parliament proved that they have No Crown Authority.


3 – 5G the ultimate weapon

You have seen this before – it is becoming deadly serious – and the COVID-19 connection with 5G and smartass devices, is becoming well understood.


Enjoy the rest of your days – remember who you are and why we are here in Terra Australis. Refresh your memory at the 9 mins to the end of


Jed Clampett