Must see – Vaccines and 5G – now and history

Surprise – This is a one item mail out.

There has been a flood of items and dire warning about both 5G and the Corona virus – BS theories about who owns it, who invented it … etc.

I grabbed this one in case it is removed so please share far and wide.

The first 20 minutes really backs up what many have already worked out. The rest is for the serious people –the history of vaccines over the last 100 years. Yeah, you might defend the wonders of the polio and other alleged cures of the past, so before you resort to bleating “conspiracy theory”, I encourage you to see this and know the facts and what to do

Yes, It is hard to believe that some people could be so evil. Well, it is all forewarned in Ephesians 6:12 … For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


More scare tactics ? 

Can you believe this notice from Aust Post ?  Oh my …

We’ve made some changes to our delivery process due to the increasing impact of coronavirus

Dear Larry,

The health and safety of our people and customers in the communities in which we operate is our priority.
We have now implemented additional measures with our delivery drivers and posties when delivering parcels.

To minimise the risk of contracting or spreading coronavirus, when the customer answers the door, our people who make deliveries will greet them and ask: “Are you unwell?  If so, have you been diagnosed with the coronavirus?”.   If they answer yes to either of these questions, we will ask them to stay inside and leave the parcel on the front door for them to collect once our driver has left.
We will not be asking for a signature on delivery in these cases and our driver will sign on their behalf and take a photograph of delivery.

As we work through the implications of this virus, we wanted you to consider proactively waiving the signature on delivery requirement to make life easier on our drivers and posties. We thank you for your support while we implement these new measures to ensure our people and customers continue to stay safe and healthy.

Kind regards,
Australia Post