Go Ahead, Line Up to Take the Death Shot

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 6-Apr-2020

Go Ahead and Line Up to Take the Death Shot ! ‘PUBLIC NOTICE’ (comments by Mr.Ed & Video)

If you are stupid or ignorant enough to play along with all the lies on TV news … you will be dead soon.

If the fear porn the MSM is drowning you with, has filled you with enough fear to go take the alleged cure for this FAKE DRAMA Plandemic … you will be dead soon … and you will have deserved it.

You  CAN  fix stupid if you get your head out of your bum and stop listening to the talking heads on TV MSM. You should remember that most of them are just whores for a dollar or a ham to get their face on TV. (ego)

There is a cabal NWO agenda going on here.

They create the problem …
Then they flood the public with fear …
Then they come out with a cure …

Simpsons uncanny prediction –

So get in line and take the shot … so we can be done with all the stupid people.


Wake up and do your part to tell others.

I will spell it out for you who don’t get it.

This is just another false flag event like all the rest. It is always the same cabal doing everything negative in this world for centuries.

This is all about an agenda to depopulate the Earth so they can have it all for themselves. So they expect you to line up and go take a poison cocktail that will for sure kill you asap.

If you are stupid … go for it.


But if you trust these fools who want to inject you with something? You deserve what you get.

A hospital is a place where you go to die … so stay away.

Doctors want to inject you with all kinds of stuff you don’t need or want in your body.

My grandparents lived well over 100 years … and they:

NEVER went to a doctor.

NEVER took a shot.

NEVER took pill. (big pharma poison)

NEVER got the flu or got sick.

You are programmed to seek outside help when you can heal yourself. They don’t want you to think that way … you might be healthy and not need them.

All they want is your money. (depopulation)

Go look up the Georgia Guide Stones and read what the NWO said there about killing billions of us. (in public view)


The Georgia Guide Stones are in Elberton, Georgia where I am from.

This is it. It is here. They think you are not paying attention.

They drown you 24/7 on MSM with nothing but fear … fear … fear …  then tell you “LOOK” we have the “CURE”.

Then without a clear mind … you follow the orders and be a good sheeple and get in line to end your madness.

So stop being part of the problem by staying in you kennel like an obedient little pet under “lock down” saying and doing nothing about the 5G towers popping up all around you.

It is your duty to spread the truth and help get it out there. We can’t count on the TV news to tell any truth.

If you didn’t notice … this good doctor from down under is not found on Youtube. They would never allow the truth to be in your face like that. This video shows you your Government is Lying – You CANNOT Catch Coronavirus – Items 1 and 2 on


So don’t take the shot. Don’t take any shots for anything ever. (unless you want to die sooner than normal)

If we were intended to be injected all the time … the Creator would have included a needle in your arm when he made us.

I am in my late 60’s and I never went to a doctor my whole life. I never took pills. I never took shots or vaccines. I never get sick and I sure don’t have any extra money to give away to support some Harvard cabal doctor’s lifestyle.

They don’t teach nutrition or prevention in college.  But apparently they do teach terrorism and socialism and how to tear down the family.

Look at how they have dumbed down the kids in school and college and you let them do it instead of educating your children yourselves … you were too busy chasing $$ for the good life.

good life

Do you think they take exception to the ones in medical school? (run by the same folks)

How many hundreds or thousands of medical professionals are out there who are smart enough to know the guys in the above video is correct in what he tells … and yet … not one soul will step forward to say a word about the elephant in the room.


All whores for the dollar and loyal to the enemy.

Every disease is man made. (with a cure for the cabal who created it)

What do you think they are doing this for?

There is an agenda to depopulate.

I personally think the world would be better off if we destroyed every lab on earth.

If you can’t heal yourself from the common cold from a healthy immune system (as the creator intended) maybe you should die … because that is nature’s way to keep the herd strong.

And if you’re stupid enough to trust a stranger who wants to inject poison to kill you in your body…and you allow it…you deserve to die as well.

Then maybe only the smart people will be left.

Think about that … you’re doing it to yourself.

Get to know the Creator Yahweh and the Son Yeshua personally and follow His guidelines for life here and now and for eternity via John 3.16 and remember Rev 13.16


Our Father