Child Abuse by Armed Gutless Cowards

I grabbed these videos in case they gets removed

May 9, 2020.  State Sponsored Terrorism and Child Abuse by Gutless Armed Cowards Wearing Fancy Dress in Australia.

Note – the woman, Renee Altakrity, was polite – she did not resort to foul mouth gutter language. She explained the real law to the cops who ignored it.

Note – not one cop would answer the reason for the arrest

Note – Most police are not wearing masks (Masks can destroy your Immune system. Doctors wear them to protect the surgery patient)

Note – Channel 7 and Channel 9 did not show the first 2 mins

Spread this whole mail out far and wide – learn from it in case something similar happens to you.

Video 1 – including the first 2 mins Channel 7 failed to show

Video 2 – Channel 9 

Video 3 – Melbourne Pigs on Mothers Day   (Amateur footage)

Ain’t this the truth ?

Police to Pigs

Let’s see how Channel 7 reported the 2 incidents

Video 4

If you don’t believe my prediction at the end of Video 4 – see this

Here is the link to whether COVID-19 is actually a disease

Must send  thousands of letters like this

Katoomba Police – 20.05.10 Letter – Report Serious Crime

PS – Don’t forget to print, sign and send the letters to London via post.

letter 1 To The Honourable Justices of the High Court of England

Letter 2 To The Honourable Justices of the High Court of England