Do Not Trust the COVID-19 Tracking

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Professor Klaus Puschel. Head of Hamburg Forensic Medicine in Hamburg on Covid19 autopsy findings: “So far, not a single person without previous illness has died of the virus in Hamburg all had cancer, chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers  or heavily obese, or had diabetes of cardiovascular disease.”


From Sydney Criminal Lawyers 

Do Not Trust the PM’s Promises Regarding the COVID-19 Tracking Data

You must REFUSE these STAMPS

Stampsand ask for other ones.  If you do not refuse these stamps you are TAKING PART in govt BS propaganda FOR THEIR AGENDA  The propaganda will not end until doing it causes them embarrassment.  It’s up to us.


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Not all Pastors are wimps


The New Normal is Abnormal

We Are Entering A Planned Prolonged Depression

Don’t Forget to copy and send these two letters 

letter 1 To The Honourable Justices of the High Court of England

Letter 2 The Honourable Justices of the High Court of

And this one in your State

Each State is slightly different – choose yours below

1 – Print it out,

2 – fill out the front page in hand writing,

3 – send via Reg Post to the individual, not the Corporation eg Council, Dept of Whatever ..

4 – better still – personally hand the whole doc to Politicians. Judges, Bank Managers, Lawyers, Police, Councillors … anybody who thinks they have authority over us. It would be good to take photos of the hand over then name and shame them on social media.

This is telling them we know about their Treason and they are not doing anything about it and are being charged with Misprision of Treason.

It’s all black and white Facts.   Please share.   Dick

Notice and Knowledge New South Wales

Notice and Knowledge Queensland

Notice and Knowledge South Australia  and NT

Notice and Knowledge Tasmania

Notice and Knowledge Victoria

Notice and Knowledge Western Australia