Something you can do to stop the rot

Something you can do now to stop the rot

Firstly – Alex Jones – love him or hate him – this is the best summary. You are not living in a bad dream…2020 is reality    9 mins

Each State is slightly different – choose yours below

1 – Print it out,

2 – fill out the front page in hand writing,

3 – send via Reg Post to the individual, not the Corporation eg Council, Dept of Whatever ..

4 – better still – personally hand the whole doc to Politicians. Judges, Bank Managers, Lawyers, Police, Councillors … anybody who thinks they have authority over us. It would be good to take photos of the hand over then name and shame them on social media.

This is telling them we know about their Treason and they are not doing anything about it and are being charged with Misprision of Treason.

It’s all black and white Facts.   Please share.   Dick

Notice and Knowledge New South Wales

Notice and Knowledge Queensland

Notice and Knowledge South Australia and NT

Notice and Knowledge Tasmania

Notice and Knowledge Victoria

Notice and Knowledge Western Australia

Here’s why Bill Gates wants indemnity

Are you willing to take the risk?  6 mins