Sunday Laws + New ASIO law – one more step closer …

I put this first as I believe it is the most important – not fear mongering … just preparing you.

1 – Sunday Laws imminent

Pastors Beware  … or are you already in compliance ?

To many, the Sunday Laws might be a meaningless term – so be it – your choice – but it is about become very real whether you believe it or not.

There are several Commandments with a  “DO”

1 – The 4th Commandment tells us to rest on the seventh day = Sabbath, keep it holy and do no work including Saturday arvo church working bees. Keep is in the imperative mood – it is a Commandment.

2 -The Communion verse … Do this in remembrance of me – the DO is in the imperative mood – it is a Commandment.

I have heard Pastors vehemently, yet ignorantly defending their contempt of the seventh day Saturday Sabbath, and claim they are celebrating the Resurrection which was on Sunday, the first day – Luke 21.1    Every day should be holy, but I know of no scripture commanding us celebrate the Resurrection or Christmas or even the Crucifixion.

Now here’s the important bit.

Many are aware of the Mark of the Beast, which will control who can and cannot buy or sell – However that is only a part – people will actually worship the Image, which will be brought to life. Rev 13.15  Worship, allegiance, trust, call it what you like. Centre Link is like a church to many as is their beloved smartarse device, waiting for 5G.  This this video explains much of it well … 57 mins

2 – Legal  action against 5g in the UK

3 – Melbourne Suburbs Have Their New 5G

4 – Melbourne Police kidnapping babies

“When tyranny becomes law, disobedience becomes duty.” Thomas Jefferson … 3 mins

5 – Another arrest – Hope is true  

Seems like indictments being unsealed and celebrities already being prosecuted for child trafficking – see here Tom Hanks officially declared that he “died of COVID19” but in 1:08 of the video it states that Hanks  was EXECUTED by LETHAL INJECTION late Sunday night, at an undisclosed location”…. hmm some claim he recovered ??  It’s only 2 mins – sorry about the crappy music.

Let’s hope to see the evil pedophiles and blood drinking child killers, Obamas, Clintons, Podesta and many more, arrested and hopefully executed very soon. 

6 – Vaccine syringes pre-filled with RFID chip.

7 – New ASIO law one more step …

8 – Compulsory vaccines begin

9 –  A tip with the letters 

Always stick a $1.10 stamp to the top right of any docs to govt or govt employees and use a gold pen to sign your name.  It’s a long legalese explanation which I know few will bother to read.

10 – Remember, just because there are evil plans by the elite and demonic forces, doesn’t mean they will happen the way they want. Divine providence will always overcome evil if we claim it.   2nd Chron 7.14