Why beware of a CV19- test

1 – Probably fake … who knows ?

2 – Need more people doing this 

Hi Larry,    I thought I would send you a copy of the email I sent to the Police Detectives in regards to the investigation regarding the assault on my person, which entailed 3 solid hours of butchery to my eyes, ruining them for life, without my consent, knowledge or control by giving me TWO doses of anaesthesia in the process to knock me out!  I was used as a human guinea pig!  This is a case of absolute VIOLATION to my body!  And the Police were doing nothing to investigate it, actually instead of investigating they were trying to give me the brush off.  So I wrote them an email, but after this clear message I got word back that there will not be no investigation and the case will be closed, as it does not come under the “Crimes Act 1900”!  This is absolute rubbish.  So this is not a crime, an ASSAULT?!  Can you believe this?  It’s more likely that I hurt their feelings….. the POOR DEARS..?! 

———- Forwarded message ———
From: D …
Date: Tue, May 12, 2020 at 12:35 PM
Subject: Still Waiting For Investigation!
To: Sarah 

Hi Sarah,   How long will it take for your superiors to give you an answer as to when the investigation will begin?  I have waited long enough!   I know first hand that when an investigation needs to take place they can do so within a week, without having to wait months to go right up to the Review team, in my case I have waited literally years.  First it was the excuse that we had to wait for an investigation from the Medical Council, which was untrue as they don’t determine when you can investigate, well that is over and done with but nevertheless, no investigation took place!  Then we had to wait for their answer from the Medical Council regarding my claims, but although my claims proved to be true, still there is no investigation.  Now we have to wait, you said maybe MONTHS, for an answer from higher up!  WHY?!  Why can’t your Superiors simply decide on an investigation, why does it have to go to this special review team of yours?  Why are you resisting to do this investigation!  You know what!  you are simply giving me the run-around for NO GOOD REASON!!!

What is happening now?  Are there no more investigations?  Are there no more Juries and Court cases because of COVID19?  This would mean that people can now do as they please, steal, rape, murder…. and there are no Court cases and prosecutions?!  I doubt it!

The fact is that instead of arresting REAL perpetrators, the police are too busy giving fines for not keeping “social distancing” and arresting people, all because of this COVID19 nonsense!

Apparently they believe that arresting a poor vulnerable mother and ripping her child from her arms (incidentally without wearing masks and not keeping “social distancing’ themselves!) and traumatizing the child for life (see video) is far more important than arresting someone that has deliberately mutilated someone’s eyes and used them as a human guinea pig, grossly violating their HUMAN RIGHTS!  Such a perpetrator should have been arrested and prosecuted YEARS ago!


The fact that you refuse to investigate a PROPER CAUSE and a REAL PERPETRATOR but instead arrest people for no cause at all, is a crime in itself!  And I want my case investigated ASAP or I will take further action. 

I have sent you some videos on what is going on, as all is a farce, a ploy to usher in the NWO and the Police are helping the “Powers that be” do their evil bidding!   So what’s next?  As from 1st May, MANDATORY vaccinations came into “Law” (all illegal, seeing that we are under a Corporation, not a Country), will the Police then start arresting people that don’t want to be vaccinated with poisons and RFID nannomite chips, so we can all be tracked and enslaved?  So what happened to the pro-abortionist “law” (again illegal) and propaganda, put in place for feminists, that promote “my body, my choice”?  As when it comes to mandatory vaccines, OUR choice not to have poisons and RFID chips injected into our bodies obviously flies out the window, right?  Of course, this “our choice”, from the Satanic Cabal “puppet Masters”, is only our “priviledge” (and generously promoted!) only when it comes to murdering and hacking to pieces our own child, right?!!  

All of this only proves the most utter HYPOCRACY, NO JUSTICE, GUTLESS BULLYING, ABUSE of POWER and a TYRANICAL and EVIL Establishment!  All of which literally turns my stomach to the core!!

If the Police don’t wake up, this world as we know will come to an END!  In the meantime, I am sick and tired of waiting for this farce of bureaucratic “red tape” to get an investigation going and now DEMAND an investigation ASAP… while we still have some RIGHTS!

Regards,      D …

Police reply

On Thu, May 14, 2020 Sarah wrote:

Dear D …

Please be advised that a response has been received from the NSWPF State Crime Legal Advice Unit as to whether sufficiency of evidence exists to commence legal proceedings against Dr William POUW and is as follows:

“It would be reasonable to state that a tribunal of fact and law would not be able to find a case proven on the criminal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt against William Pouw for the offence, common assault, pursuant to section 61 Crimes Act 1900.”

Eastern Suburbs Police Area Command’s Crime Manager, Detective Inspector ATKINS, has reviewed this decision and is in agreeance, therefore there will be no further investigation and the case will be marked as closed.

Regards,   Sarah 
Detective Senior Constable

D … wrote back   Dear Sarah,   Thank you, I will now be putting in a Complaint with the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, therefore kindly forward to me all the names, addresses and contact details of all the people involved, this means all your Superiors and of all the people in the NSWPF State Crime Legal Advice Unit, all the ones that were involved in the determining and reviewing this case and scrapping it for now good reason.  I will expect these details at your very earliest convenience.    Regards,   D …

3 – Wayne’s Response – Notice to all Police 

4 – Why beware of CV19- test 

This is a RUMOUR – but we will soon know.

Washington Governor permanently house arrests anyone who refuses corona test and they can’t leave to get groceries

Just thinking here,

If, after you get tested, “contact tracing” supposedly works without you carrying a smartarse phone, then the test was fake and instead of testing you, they planted a chip. There’s no other way tracing could be done if you don’t carry a tracking device.

Tracking everyone ??  The facial recognition systems can’t easily track people who are within six feet of each other, so they want “social distancing” rules in place until they get their tech sorted out and are able to track people closer. This is all so disgusting and blatant if you can see it..

The tests are now planting chips, or soon will be. They want you to accept deep nasal planting as normal. And lots of people have complained about how much the tests hurt. What if that’s really because the chip is coated with something that causes it to burn its way in, and subsequently heal in place, and be permanently a part of you?

Just think a bit …

So, if after you get “tested” and they say there is no requirement to carry your smartarse phone,  it would have to because the TEST planted a CHIP and the 5G will track you via your chip

Beware of the social probing now  via Threads,  Polls and Forums. DO NOT answer any of them, especially if there are questions like this.

eg – If grocery stores start to require you to show them a bar code on your cell phone before you can enter the store, will you comply?

There have been a lot of these types of threads lately, and all are posted by Gates and Soros funded ops, to find out exactly how much they can get away with.

PS  Gates recently acquired Change.Org  !!

If you do answer, your answer could get you killed or dragged into a FEMA camp, that is if you have skills they might want.

If we lose our grip on this society even one little bit more, or may even get you killed now.

Threads and Forums are proof they are grasping for answers about how to get more control. Do not be the sucker who gives the info they need or submit to a CV test or get a CV app.

5 – And these people breed and live among us. Imagine when 5G starts 


Remember, just because there are evil plans by the elite and demonic forces, doesn’t mean they will happen the way they want. Divine providence will always overcome evil if we claim it.   2nd Chron 7.14