A 2nd CV19 wave coming – how do they know ?

This says it all ?


I saw just on ABC news, boasting that there have been 1 million CV19 tests !  Why did they not say 1 million implants up your nose containing aluminium, mercury and a host of other lethal chemicals as well as a new CS strain.  Did you not read Item 4 on


Oh yes  A tiny few Lock Down restrictions might be lifted, but then will come a fresh outbreak … from the 1 million newly infected idiots who got tested and will get sick and maybe die … as well as it all enhanced by 5G being turned on.   So then will come even more draconian restrictions ??  Am I a conspiracy nutter or deadly correct ?  – you won’t have long to wait and see.

Scroll down a bit for the numbers


flu shot 2

But some hopefully true good news 

Apparently this trial took place in 2018..but what he says is happening  right now

Mexico now – who next ?