5G ready to kill + New ASIO laws + What do we do ?

1 – On 16 May I published my “conspiracy” theory


I have been ridiculed as a nutter – but it is  already started with

Secret Government PDF: Is the Second Coming Virus Wave the Real ‘Disease X’ and They Are Telling Us It Has a 30% Kill Shot?


and Australian 5G coverage reaches 50 per cent  https://tottnews.com/2020/05/17/australian-5g-coverage-50-per-cent/

5G will broadcast CV and propaganda into everyone dumb enough to have downloaded the CV app or even continues to use a smartass device. DO YOUR HOMEWORK !

2 – Full Disclosure from ‘INSIDE’ | Dr. Rashid Buttar

3 – Naked Child escaping from Buckingham Palace

4 –  In their on wordsWorld Leaders Push The NWO


5 – The surprising number of Victorian flu victims who have been vaccinated |but they still promote it


6 – Preparing Our Households For The Tribulation



7 – Australian Security and Intelligence Act that could further erode our rights – and give Dutton and his mega department even more power.

Under the cover of a global pandemic – Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton is trying to ram through wide ranging new powers that would let ASIO detain and question kids as young as 14, track your movements without oversight and prevent you from having a lawyer present if they deem them ‘disruptive’.1

It could see Dutton and his department investigating journalists and activists on allegations of ‘espionage’ just for doing their jobs.

Already lawyers, experts and politicians from across the spectrum have slammed Dutton’s proposed changes, calling them ‘dangerous’ and ‘highly intrusive’.

We can’t let these amendments be waved through Parliament, and the only way that happens is if we dial up the public pressure fast.

Can you add your name to the petition calling on politicians from across the spectrum to block Dutton’s dangerous amendments?

Last year, the country watched on in horror as the ABC was raided and the home of a News Corp journalist was searched for allegedly breaching ‘national security’ after she published a piece about plans to surveil the community.

In 2018, the Government tried (and partly succeeded) in passing draconian laws designed to suffocate the work of civil society organisations like GetUp, intimidate whistle blowers into silence and limit the scrutiny on government.

Now, we’re facing down the barrel of proposed changes to the Australian Security and Intelligence Act that could further erode our rights – and give Dutton and his mega department even more power.

It’s the latest in a terrifying trend from a government determined to chip away at our democracy – and we can’t let it go unchallenged.

As talk of coronavirus recovery begins, GetUp members and our movement will be as important as ever.

Together, we need to hold politicians accountable and make sure that sweeping changes like these aren’t allowed to pass without scrutiny.

Together, we need to defend our democracy and fight for a fair, progressive future for all.

8 – A 16 min Documentary Film – Coronavirus