44 – Overseas Travel ? – beware for your Laptop and Phone

By Nathan Hague –  see video below

Australia is walking directly into being a Police State now

Australian Customs just copied files from my phone AND my MacBook Pro here at Sydney Airport … I’ve not seen that floating octopus until today, and people telling me they’re seeing it too, so the root part is going to be *nothing* to worry about. BUTTTTT… The fact I closed it and the phone was already on the phone firmware screen.. and also the fact that they told me they DID copy files from both laptop and phone away from my person, and would not guarantee the copied files (if they copied them!) would be destroyed and in what time frame. Yeah: THAT still is what I believe to be a massive intrusion into my privacy.

The Australian legislation that this falls under, is Australian Border Force Act 186 and all the subsections.

And now for the real kicker: If you’re an International Business Traveller from Europe with your European Clients’ data and files on your phone and laptop – remember #GDPR says that those clients have it given access authority to their data by you. Now what happened to me, would mean Customs was an unauthorized third party looking at their data. That means I am now liable for a #GDPR breach and all the fun that goes along with that. And the fines that accompany that. No one seems to have thought of this, and I can see organisations like#EFF and very competent gdpr lawyers such as Britain’s Suzanne Dibble, having some words on how to protect yourself from a business perspective when traveling now to Australia.

Australia is walking directly into being a Police State