58 – Gotta stop importing black jellybeans


Jan 30  Remember when we were told there’s no African gang problem? This will only get worse. The only thing that stops them is equal force. Guns.  They’re the kind of armed security you see at banks, but these guards are being paid to protect Frank’s house from local gangs.   And they’ll shoot if they need to. After you see these three short videos –   read the link below


Statement from Victoria Police

Members of the public can hire private security guards to monitor a private residence.  The security guards would obviously need to be appropriately licensed (in this case Armed Guard) to be armed with pistols.

Statement from Kingston City Council CEO John Nevins

Council already has CCTV cameras located along the Kingston foreshore and are happy to supply Victoria Police with CCTV footage to assist them with their investigations.  We provided them with footage from Chelsea Beach on 27 December.  Police and Council Officers have undertaken an audit of CCTV currently in place along our beaches and are looking into additional locations where CCTV could be installed. Officers will now prepare advice for Council on this proposal.

Council has also installed 12 additional signs advising of existing alcohol bans on the foreshore and pruned trees along the foreshore to improve visibility for Police beach patrols.

Statement of common sense   In Switzerland, every sensible, no criminal record adult, is armed by law and weapons are regularly inspected. They have little crime, few home invasions and certainly no mad gangs. But thanks to the 2 year planned event at Port Arthur, now you know why we were disarmed. Don’t believe it ?? see https://larryhannigan.com/australia/37-port-arthur-how-australians-were-disarmed-by-a-false-flag-massacre/



VIDEO 2    If 1% of imported black jelly beans are deadly, then should we not cease importing them, especially when we cannot identify the deadly ones first ?  Here is a city where they failed to stop importing.


Video 4