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Is Australia a Republic under a dictatorship ?

COAG is no more as Scott Morrison says National Cabinet will replace old system in wake of coronavirus. ie Australia is a Republic under a dictatorship – Wayne has been warning us but few seemed to care.

This is High Treason, and all the State Premiers and Local Governments and Councillors are in on it. See The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment, below.

Now do you believe that all this has not been planned behind your back ?   The IGAE was signed on 1st May, 1992, yet Local Govt Acts came afterwards. All Councillors knew they were and still are illegal.   More info as it comes

The ABC article is very convincing – ‘all will be great’ – but remember that every Dictator in history has first disarmed the people, torn up the Constitution and promised great things so the people can live happily ever after.  Every Republic in history has become an oppressive Dictatorship, except America .. why .. because the people are still armed  …  are you ?   Do not be seduced by this ABC article.

The Intergovernmental Agreement on the Environment

IGAE IntergovernmentalAgreementOnTheEnvironment1stMay1992 pp16,17Signatures dpi

To the Governor General,

His Excellency,
Mr David Hurley
Government House
Dunrossil Drive

29 May 2020

To the Governor General, His Excellency, Mr David Hurley,

I refer to the Prime Ministers’ announcement today on the disbanding of COAG.  I do NOT consent.

Mr Hurley our Freemason DeMolay Prime Minister has WITHOUT referendum created a dictatorship, this situation will NOT be tolerated by the people of Australia.

I instruct you directly to dissolve the 46th Parliament immediately.

Yours sincerely  ……………………………….

Insert your name and address.


A suggested My Will Letter

Letters below to all Federal. State and Local Govt – Choose your State. print all pages, fill in by hand and sign and post to CEO or whoever by name if possible. What you are doing is transferring the knowledge of Treason from you to them which you have to do by law so you can’t be Criminally Charged. eg, when and if you refuse to pay extortion attempts such as tolls, rates traffic fines etc

Notice and Knowledge New South Wales

Notice and Knowledge Queensland

Notice and Knowledge South Australia  and NT

Notice and Knowledge Tasmania

Notice and Knowledge Victoria

Notice and Knowledge Western Australia








1 – A few people get sick = Pandemic. c’mon …

1 – A few people get sick = Pandemic ? c’mon …

According to a 2004 report authored by multiple medical doctors (entitled “Death by Medicine”), the total number of deaths caused by conventional medicine is an astounding 783,936 per year ?

In other words, more people in the USA die EACH YEAR from “iatrogenic” (i.e. doctor induced) causes than died the ENTIRE Civil War.  An entire chapter on “iatrogenocide” in the eye-opening book entitled Monumental Myths.

Even the mainstream media outlets are reporting that “medical mistakes” are one of the top 3 causes of death in the USA.  Speaking of the media, have you ever wondered who decides what is ‘newsworthy’ and what isn’t ?


So why have World leaders have tuned into a European Union pledge marathon overnight to raise money to develop a coronavirus vaccine, with Australia pledging $352 million  This fund was set up in October 2019 before the Corona Virus outbreak. Let that sink in folks…. So the Government allocated a $350 Million fund to research a VACCINE BEFORE the COVID10 even started. People who LIE always get caught out eventually.

2 – Why is Australia operating as a Corporation?

A mere 26 seconds starring Tony Jones = leftie mongrel – salary $355,789

The ABC wants us all to – SHUT UP and use foul language.

3 – Mysterious pallets of bricks appear at major cities

31 May – Still think these riots aren’t coordinated ? So who’s donating the pallets of bricks that appear in the targeted cities ?  The anarchist scum of the Earth at these rallies are deliberately inciting black v white – and hate the police and any legitimate authority – and then blame Trump.

There was a long article with this but these pics say it all

bricks 10

Sorry I can’t get a clearer copy of this contract


4 – Apathy reigns supreme

Now see if you agree with John’s letter

Good morning, Larry.   Too many people are not in the slightest bit interested in their coming demise, much like lemmings, looking for cliffs to fall over or pews to hide in. 

We know the populace are now like idiots, incapable of thinking beyond their programmed limits, deceived by their medications, drugs, alcohol, uppers, downers, being bought by imbeciles who addict their babies with pre-delivery inoculations, psychologically addicted through TV, as mothers watch cooking shows and soapies, and fathers are obsessed by paid gladiators heroes in the sports coliseums. Dumb fools cling to their beloved smart devices 24/7.

Some big stores are demanding proof of ID and CV tested before you can enter.  Rev 13.15-18 is upon us all whether you believe or not.    Rejoice in John 3.16 and 36 … John N 

and how dumb is shown here  


5 – A marvellous gathering of pic’s here if you can open.

6 – Peaceful Lawful Rebellion Magna Carta sec 61.

Both Brisbane and Sydney, Australia May 30th, 2020 were peaceful with no incidents.   Australia’s Peaceful Lawful Rebellion under the Constitution of Australia Act 1901 and Magna Carta sec 61 against a Tyrannical, Fascist, Incompetent, Idiotic Australian Government mandating coercive poisonous untested vaccines, extremely dangerous 5G which has never been safety tested, and illegally locking our Country down over a false Covid19 Plandemic

7 – Pray the New King John 111 is successful.

I have listened to Greg Hallett for years – I believe he is legit and not the imposter that some claim to have interviewed. I am aware that good things are happening behind the scenes in England, USA and Australia. It will soon be revealed.






Can you justify owning a smartass phone ??

I cannot comprehend why a thinking rational individual would be so dumb as to even try to justify having a smartass phone. Such would get a basic Nokia type phone  … that’s right … simply a phone to call and receive calls.  Amazing eh ??

Part 1 of 2

Friday, May 29, 2020

Apple, Google now require your GPS location with Bluetooth on


With the new enactment of a law or technological ‘upgrade’ the people lose another slice of their privacy and (perceived) freedoms. This is in addition to the lethal microwave 5G radiation.  

The upgrade of Google’s Android smart phone operating system to v10 or Q, and subsequently app manufacturer’s compliance with the new operating system version, in order for an app to work with its corresponding Bluetooth accessory, Bluetooth must be (obviously) turned on, with the mandatory addition of the GPS switch (or rather software toggle), in order for the accessory/program to function.

Under previous Google’s Android version, the accessory, e.g. Bluetooth headphones or ear piece microphone set would work without the need for any GPS coordinates, where there is zero technical need for the operating system to know one’s (reasonably) precise GPS location.

The above holds true for Apple’s iOS smart phone operating system.

Since Apple and Google support the various government agencies mass surveillance agenda, this information is given to whichever three letter acronym business asks for it.

After a certain event metadata or mass surveillance became known under the auspice of public safety, where the ‘nothing to hide, nothing to fear’ argument was thrown out over the airwaves. 

This term applied to the commoners and not the people in government irrespective of their corrupt activities.

Fast forward approximately 20 years and now and we have the next level of surveillance implemented on the plebs, under the unarguable topic of ‘public health’, with new terms evolving like Wi-Fi scanning, Wi-Fi triangulation, and the new government sponsored contact tracing where the persons in your contact list do NOT have a choice to opt out of being tracked for ‘health reasons’.

Remember that according to law, EVERY action must be done voluntarily, WITH your consent.

The REAL problem is that this (Bluetooth) ‘contact tracing’ will return a false positive against your (or another) person, to (both) Apple, Google, where this information WILL be passed on to whichever government or insurance corporation asks for it.

You, by downloading the virus related health app, AND admitting to (Google, Apple) that you tested positive, WILL be screwing over persons in your contact list even if they did not catch anything from you where they were in another room from you.

Apparently from the words of the Australian Government over 5 million downloads occurred of their virus app.

It’s not ONLY about your ‘health’ but your privacy and security.

It seems few if any will dump their beloved device – most emails I get say  Sent from my iphone or similar

smart 10

Part 2

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Proof the government is dodgy, re: COVIDSafe App code

How do you STOP your code from being looked at or scrutinised?

You make an ‘offer’ a person HAS TO refuse!

In the case of the ‘Australian Government’ it is in the following manner:

“I am responsible for any costs of third party claims associated with my access to the App Code, and must pay those claims on request.”

Terms and Conditions for access to COVIDSafe App Code

By accessing the App Code I accept and agree to the following terms:

1 – If I distribute the App Code to anyone else, I will ensure these terms are provided to them and are not deleted.

2 – I agree to access the App Code for the purpose of obtaining information about the COVIDSafe App only.

3 – I understand and agree that the App Code is provided on an as is where is basis, that the App Code may be updated over time, and that the DTA and the Commonwealth have no liability whatsoever in connection with my access to or use of the App Code.

4 – I agree to stop all access and use of the App Code if requested by the DTA.

5 – I will not use the App Code for any product development purposes.

6 – I will promptly report to the DTA on any actual or potential security vulnerabilities I become aware of in respect of the COVIDSafe App.

7 – I am responsible for any costs of third party claims associated with my access to the App Code, and must pay those claims on request.

I understand and agree that:

a)  the DTA will collect information about me and my access to the App Code, and any feedback, comments, or other information that I post on GitHub in connection with the App Code (and I understand that this information may also be seen or accessed by other users of GitHub who have been given access to the App Code);

b)  the DTA may use that information for the purposes of managing my access to the App Code, and to consider any feedback, comments or other information that I provide in relation to the App Code or the COVIDSafe App;

c)  the DTA may disclose that information to other Commonwealth agencies and their contractors for the purposes of improving the App Code or the COVIDSafe App, or as required for public accountability and reporting purposes, but DTA will de-identify personal information before disclosure wherever reasonable and practicable (GitHub, a company based in the US, may also handle your personal information in accordance with the GitHub Terms and Conditions); and

d)  further information about how DTA will handle personal information, and my rights to complain or access or correct my personal information, is available at DTA’s Privacy Policy.

Access the code.


Do you comprehend a different meaning to ‘understand’ means – to stand under

Can you ‘legally’ agree to something like this?

Quite simply put – IF there is a claim against your person for VIEWING the code, the best action is NOT to pay.

NEVER PAY !!! !!! !!!

Get them to take you to a ‘proper court of law’ regarding their so called claim.






















Time to open State Borders + Brisbane Rally + Black man “murder”

1 – Time to open State Borders

Anti-lockdown rally condemns Premier Palaszczuk’s strict COVID-19 restrictions


2 – Well done Australia, you bloody beauty

Brisbane Rally 30 May 2020


3 – We can’t trust  ‘the truth’ on COVID-19

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says he is getting “so suspicious” of the things and information Australians are being told and the “exaggerations” being fed to induce panic in society on


4 – More about the black man murder

Masonic connections, identity duplexing ?

FORWARDED for Education, Edification, and Information Purposes
Under Fair Use Act
Not spam – contact:

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./ sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996


Masonic connections, identity duplexing? More about the cop that murdered George Floyd

Crowdsource the Truth’s Jason Goodman uncovers shocking new details about police involvement in the death of George Floyd

By Staff Writer –    May 28, 2020     Crowdsource the Truth founder Jason Goodman has uncovered startling details surrounding the identity of the cop who appears to have purposefully murdered Minneapolis resident George Floyd on Monday by pressing all of his body weight down onto Floyd’s neck while Floyd was being pinned down by several other officers.

The City of Minneapolis Police Department has released the names of two officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao who were involved in the incident which lead to the “death” of the Minnesota man.

Shockingly, when Goodman conducted a name search on Derek Chauvin he found an email address linked to Chauvin that starts with “b.thao@.” This is odd considering that the other officer that was named in the incident also shares the same last name. Not to mention, the number 33, a masonic reference, showed up in multiple addresses listed for the officer, as pointed out by Goodman.

CrowdsourcetheTruth @csthetruth

Live at 4pm, @ShepardAmbellas of @intellihubnews joins me to explore Identity Duplexing, Masonic Messaging & the Murder of #GeorgeFloyd 

2:39 PM – May 28, 2020


Rioter: ‘We’re Gonna Start Coming to the Suburbs’  “Ain’t nothing left here.”

Paul Joseph Watson | – May 29, 2020

A man interviewed on camera during last night’s chaos in Minneapolis warned that rioters are planning on “coming to the suburbs” if they don’t get what they want.

The twin cities were once again rocked by a night of absolute bedlam as more stores were looted and rioters set fire to the 3rd police precinct building, prompting cops to flee the scene.

“It’s real bogus, they gotta hit it right, otherwise this is what’s gonna happen, ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?” the mask-wearing African American asks.

“We’re coming for the suburbs next.”

Catholic Groyper (@GroyperCath) May 29, 2020

“You see what I’m saying, so eh that’s just what’s gonna happen, you know – f**k the police,” he adds.

President Trump has promised to bring in the National Guard if local authorities are incapable of handling the violence, something that is pretty much self-evident at this point.

As we highlighted earlier, despite the riots spreading across the country and becoming more violent, the media is still describing the carnage as a legitimate “protest.”


Denver Riot Out of Control Protester Run Over After Jumping on Woman’s Car, Gun Shots Fired Towards Capitol

May 29, 2020

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

Riots are continuing to sweep the nation following the death of George Floyd while in police custody. Denver became the latest city to spin out of control on Thursday evening.   A protester was run over after a mob swarmed a woman’s car and the man jumped on the hood.   The woman ploughed through the crowd — with him still on top of her vehicle. When he attempted to walk away, she took a sharp turn and ran him down.

TWEET:    Anabel @bellers03

Downtown denver. Some girl turned around to run this guy over #GeorgeFloyd #icantbreathe #downtowndenver #denver

9:09 PM – May 28, 2020



5 – You are being had

A good overall summary of some current world events


6 – Buckingham Palace – something strange

Dear Larry

My grandson and I were up in London last June. He wanted to see Buckingham Palace, so we went there. We saw a guard with what looked like an uzy gun guarding the palace. But that guard was not there now. So this is indeed strange.

God bless and thank you

change,org BEWARE

Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Sam Altman invest $30 million in

Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Sam Altman invest $30 million in






















5G ready or not + Cop murders black man

1 – 5G full steam ahead … ready or not.

2 – Black man, George Floyd murdered … why ?

What’s this all about and why is it on MSN world wide …  Top Mason Albert Pike 1809 -1891, formulated 3 world wars. WW3 is to be fought over ideologies … Islam v Christians,  Jews v Arabs,  black v white etc The end result = a NWO under Lucifer, the god of Masons.

Albert Pike

Is this event a hoax to incite Black v White ??

The story goes – George Floyd went into a store to buy some food and was told his $20 bill was counterfeit, so the police were called on a forgery complaint. George was thrown to the ground and hand cuffed by a white cop who apparently hates blacks.  The part that has gone viral is this alleged cop mashing his knee into this man’s neck and throat. He pleads for mercy even calling for his “mama, mama” because he cannot breathe  and you can see what looks like pee on the road.

George Floyd

So, after about 10 mins George is quiet with no pulse.  He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Meanwhile the local black community are starting fires and destroying police vehicles, etc. All four of the police officers have been fired/terminated from their jobs and the Local Mayor is calling for a murder charge. I would say that not much will be done to prosecute … maybe a little jail time but no charge of murder. I think they will drag this out as long as possible so this cop escapes prison … Michael C

A lot more footage – was removed from Ytube

Both George Floyd and his killer Derek Chauvin, worked at the same club – it seems that story is a hoax ? Maybe George is alive somewhere.

Isn’t it very strange that the cop standing guard didn’t make any attempt to stop people videoing the whole thing. Cops usually don’t like people videoing what they’re doing and try to stop it. It seems they wanted it to be videoed ? Can’t say if this is absolutely true, but it makes perfect sense in today’s world.

Albert Pike adherents love creating false flags. This is a hoax, it is successful in inciting hatred of police and Black v White.

Jim Stone (reporter) says – There is a LOT wrong with the “murder video” that proves these guys really did act this out and there was no killing.

The videos are hard to keep linked and are declining in quality as they repeatedly get deleted by Youtube.

You can tell when the ambulance arrives and the officer gets off the victim there was no pressure being applied.

When the ambulance arrives, rather than tend the victim, (the official reports state the ambulance was warned he needed medical attention and was unresponsive,) they did not tend to him immediately on the ground, instead they loaded him onto the gurney without checking a damn thing, pushed him into the ambulance and drove off. There’s a HUGE problem with that.

Standard EMT procedure in this case is FIRST to take his pulse and administer CPR if needed RIGHT WHERE HE IS FOUND LAYING especially when (according to the story line) they were notified he was “unresponsive” and needed an ambulance. EMT’s do not load people onto the stretcher first, they first get the person stable if possible and then load them. No one at any point, no officer and no EMT ever checked the guy’s pulse. That there alone proves it was a crisis act, done by people who were not professionals knowledgeable enough to even fake it good.

Since no one checked the guy’s pulse, how did the cops know he was not going to wake up in the ambulance and raise hell? I can’t begin to describe what a screw up that was, and to top it all off, in ALL CASES, conscious or not, the cops pick people up up and throw them in the back seat. They would not have called an ambulance at all, having never checked his pulse. He’d have been loaded like a side of beef and taken to the station.

The appalling “I am so proud” show by the “officer” at the end was obviously done for the sole purpose of angering the public.

So here we have a story where the neighbors never knew he was a cop, where the victim was never checked at all, just loaded onto a stretcher, when he could have woken up and caused a problem. The police will NEVER DO THAT, THEY WILL NEVER DO THAT EVER, FAKE COPS, FAKE EMT’S FAKE STORY.


This story is another box of fruit loops, and now some in Minnesota’s government are calling to declare “racism” a public health emergency like COVID. TOO OBVIOUS.


May 29-30 2020 The date is not always updated, when it gets updated all depends on when I can get into the top part of the site to update it.   Jim Stone

Be wary of paid anarchists at the rallies this weekend.










Cop Murder + Andrews and China + War with China ? + CV death rate 0.26% + The Real Monarch ?

1 – Cop murdering black man

Fascinating that Qld Ch 9 News showed it … Why ?     No mention of what lead up to the murder but Ch 9 showed the same footage and showed protesters trying to burn the police station,  and that 4 cops were to be charged with … not said.

Why are they called pigs?  Because they train them by removing their conscience… and paying them for obedience… to ignore immoral constraints that the average American cannot even fathom… like murder.

2 – Daniel Andrews Vic Premier + China

Daniel Andrews signs new infrastructure, trade agreement with China  Ch 9  … 90 secs

3 – 2000 US soldiers arrived in Darwin last week

Australia arms up ready to fight China in South China Sea with US

4 – Minuscule death rate from COVID-19

CDC has released new data that shows a minuscule death rate from COVID-19 of 0.26%

Secondly, another study reveals that social isolation increases the risk of death from all causes by 50%.  Anybody ready for another lock down?  How about more social distancing?

5 – Is Britain’s Real Monarch Living in Australia?

I know many of you are rightfully interested in this

Download the chart here (free):… Britain’s Real Monarch (2004 documentary):… Who would be Jacobite king of the UK today?… CREDITS: Chart: Matt Baker Script/Narration: Matt Baker Editing: Jack Rackam Intro animation: Syawish Rehman Intro music: “Lord of the Land” by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license 4.0. Available from


Corona 2017 + CV19 horror test + Morrison’s Republic + Council fight ?

1 – Corona Masonic predictive programming 2017

It’s 3.5 hrs     so go to 2hrs 50m 20 secs

I grabbed some relevant part here in case it is removed

Know ye … Covid 19 is a ruse. They have crashed the economies big time. Two birds with one stone. Cashless Society and Depopulation is their game. They are installing 5G all over the world. They want you home so they can install what’s needed into the Schools, Colleges, Universities, Government Buildings etc. Most Hospitals are already equipped with the 60 WIFI (wireless). No one is, or has died of the fake virus. Viruses are not airborne. Viruses are part of the immune system to fight off infections. It’s just the regular flu/cold that kills people every year and it’s usually the elderly or people with poor immune systems.

What is the so called … Second Wave ?

Once the equipment has been fully installed, all they have to do is turn up the frequencies and zap you. It will take your oxygen away so you cannot breathe and it’s lights out for some. Others will go to hospital with oxygen deprivation, where they will put you on a ventilator (fixed wireless) to help you along and they will, and have listed “coronavirus.” as cause of death on your death certificate (if you even get one when the numbers get too big … mass burials then)

We are under Phase 1. Don’t send your children back to the Brainwashing schools. Teach them a trade and basic self suffiency. 

2 – Why you should NOT take a CV test.

Painful – what is being put into you head ? – the pain is cos the body is trying to eject it (a chip ? responsive to 5G ?) Once the 5G equipment has been established, all they have to do is turn up the frequencies and zap you, if you are deemed to be a troublemaker, a Christian, you refuse to pay taxes or whatever. It will take your oxygen away so you cannot breathe and it’s lights out for many, as is the case in China’s Social Dynamic programme now.


CV 55

The Pineal gland is part of the endocrine system. Like the rest of the endocrine system, it’s responsible for producing and regulating the hormones, most notably melatonin, vital to the body’s function. As brain mapping technology and scientific research expand, the function of the pineal gland is becoming better understood. We now know it is essential to the overall health of the body, as it regulates the sleep cycle, without which essential healing and repair of the body cannot take place.

Detox your Pineal Gland   not medical advice.

3 – Morrison’s Republic attempt – Wayne

4 – My Living Testimony docs. 

Hi Larry, Are you able to clarify a few points.

I have filled out My Living Testimony, will get it notarised this week, and send it registered mail to myself, and then place that on the PPSR as a security agreement, thus making it official that I am a living man.

My questions are. 

When sending this affidavit to councils etc, do they need to be originals, or is a copy ok?

Whilst this Living testimony cancels Power of Attorneys, is it necessary to cancel everything, such as licenses, rego, credit cards, mortgages, car finance etc. or can you pick and choose which ones you wish to stay contracted with, or are they automatically cancelled?

What happens to mortgages and vehicle finance? And then by extension, what happens to said property and vehicles?

And the big one, what happens to the business and my self managed super fund, my business is mine only as a single direct company, and my SMSF is joint with my wife?

Thanks for your time, and if you can’t answer some of these questions, please point me in the direction of someone who is experienced in this. Keep up the good work.

Regards … Anthony V

Reply –

I have never seen how people can get themselves out of this mess. I have seen properties so called removed from the so called State, BUT when the Political Parties want something, their so called Police just walk in.

The Australian Dollar is Counterfeit to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule so it’s very obvious that the so called Bankers, Judicary and Political Parties are in the same bed. The so called Police Federal and State (Mercenaries) are the security Army for the Political Parties, Parliament, Government, Courts and Banks.

In simple terms you don’t own anything, and that includes your life.

TurnbullThere are two Australia’s. One under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule and the other under the illegal Australia Act 1986.

While we sit there and let Political Parties, which are NOT  within the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 consisting of its Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule, rule over us because we are too GUTLESS to stand up, the Political Parties will keep screwing us. Dick 

6 – Brazilian President gets it. New Australian Leader?














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