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Climate Change warnings from the Past

2020 will be interesting  – but do watch the video now









Some short vids and helpful ideas

As it was

1 – Morrison waste of your money

6 minutes

2 – Are Councillors idiots or agents for Agenda 21 ? … or do they bow down to the unelected CEOs ? … or are fat salaries more important ?

7 minutes
following that – a message to greenies

Super volcanoes Campi Flegrei (Italy 1000s of years ago, now active again) devastate much of Europe and Yellowstone (swelling up again) produced the two biggest eruptions equal to Krakatoa; Yellowstone many years ago ejected 8,000 times more ash and lava than Mount St. Helens.

Iceland volcano eruption (2012) caused havoc over Europe, Philippines Mnt Pinatubo (1991) blasted ash and gas for three days, Hawaii’s Kilauea continues erupting since 1983, and Alaskas Pavlof; Toba caldera in North Sumatra, Sakurajima Japan, Pacana Chile, Popocatepetl & Colima Mexico, New Zealand’s Taupo caldera, Indonesia Mnt Sinabung and many others under oceans are all still releasing CO2 in massive amounts the Earth’s natural capacities are able to cope with. Just one major volcano has produced more CO2 than man has ever produced—the current amount of CO2 (0.04%) is irrelevant compared to natural and volcanic emissions. An estimated 139,096 undersea volcanoes are active and 1,581 on land.  Will the Greens please protest where the real CO2 problem lies—inside the volcanoes.

3 – Julian Assange – what a disgusting trial 

Legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger on Julian Assange’s latest extradition hearing this Monday, which he attended. He discusses how Julian appeared at the trial, the bias of the judge against Julian Assange, the lack of mainstream media coverage of Julian’s persecution, his health and conditions in Belmarsh prison, CIA spying on Julian Assange and more!

Sign here to help Julian

Video 1     13 mins

Video 2 – Media Blackout   15 mins

4 – Investigation on Victorian Premier comrade Daniel Andrews.

I just signed the petition “ASIO and IBAC to launch a full investigation on Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name – and whether you could also promote it through your email list.

You can read more and sign the petition here:

Anything you can do to help us Victorians deal with Comrade Andrews would be most appreciated.

5 – The Liberals are after your bank deposits – no cash transactions over $10,000 or go to jail

See what you can do at the end of the article. If you do nothing, it will go ahead.   Their proceedure demands that we quietly accept the restriction and forfeiture of our full and free access to human, economic, civil and privacy rights and protections; and do this without raising a fuss, despite no evidence of personal, moral, social or financial delinquency or criminality.

6 – Obama and “Michael” revealed

3 minutes

7 – What has Trump Done ?

a – He took 7 million people off food stamps and got them employment vs ”0” who added to unemployment

b – Got USA energy independent. Lowered gas overall $1. per gallon

c – Lowered taxes from 39.6 to 21%   for most Americans. 

d – Got USA out of the Paris Agreement, where ”0” wanted us to pay for India

e – ”0”, Bush and Clinton all paid Kim $billions and Trump gave him $0

7 – How Much CO2 Gets Emitted to Build a Wind Turbine?

So what’s the carbon foot print of a wind turbine with 45 tons of rebar & 481m3 of concrete?    Rebar (short for reinforcing bar).  Its carbon footprint is massive – try 241.85 tons of CO2.


As it was

















Water wastage exposed + Living in the Private

1 – 60 Minutes exposes massive Govt water wastage in the drought.


2 – Living in the Private.   I removed the Bill Turner Seminar videos ‘cos only a handful even bothered to click on it. However, here is some info which may be helpful.












Updates and info FYI

Yes, there is a lot and we face a multitide of fronts with which to to contend – pass all or any articles on please


1 – Churches – 37  Speaking in tongues – Kenneth Copeland

2 – Forgotten History 58 – Disney – Subliminal Messages

3 – Forgotten History 57 – 1967 recording confirms all that is happening today

4 – Health 18 –  Vaxxed Movies and ingredients listings

5 – Churches 65 – World Religions Growth

6 – Referendums 1974, 1988, 1999 updated – Federal Govt 22a


China murders Christians + Police fudge drug hauls + Ban Glyphosate + Drones + Aust Act 1986


1 – China murdering Christians

The Bible talks about the image of the beast also. Many have asked whether the image is actually what people are glued to as they walk around giving full attention their devices – it is certainly beginning to look like worship. But check this out

Gov shoot
See the other related vids on that site and share with your networks please

The advent of 5g in Australia will facilitate the introduction of the Chinese credit system in Australia, and this has already been recommended by some dickhead in Darwin.


5G 2

Facial recognition cameras in Melbourne already and the public has not yet been told, but in WA they have been told. Passports and driver licences are being fed into digital monitors also without consent

Discussion: Smart cities, neuro-surveillance, biometrics

This MOTB (Mark of the Beast) would not be possible without smart phones.  And you still wanna have one ??


2 – Extinction Rebellion – who + why


3 – Police fudge drug haul

NSW Police officer admits to ‘guesstimating’ quantity of drugs found.   A police officer who inflated the quantity of drugs found on a festival patron by nearly eight times was “muddled up” and made a mistake, an inquiry has heard. (or, could it be the ‘Plod Orificer’ was ‘close to the mark with the quantity but took the other seven-eights for herself (and colleagues) and as a result became “muddled up”)

police drugs


The above link may not work ? – here is the text

A police officer who inflated the quantity of drugs found on a festival patron by nearly eight times was “muddled up” and made a mistake, an inquiry has heard.

The officer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also admitted she sometimes needed to “guesstimate” the quantity of drugs found on revellers when scales were not available.

She was on Wednesday accused of “sloppy work” at the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC), which is investigating whether police engaged in “serious misconduct” by strip searching a 16-year-old girl at last year’s Splendour in the Grass festival.

The officer was involved in the festival’s high-profile policing operation near Byron Bay in July 2018, including the strip-searching of patrons.

The commission heard the officer initially recorded the details of one music fan’s arrest as being in relation to two tablets in a clear bag that weighed 0.4 grams.

But when she later prepared a statement of facts — which is used when an accused person faces court and is placed before a magistrate — the amount changed to 3.18 grams.

The latter amount was the exact same quantity from a separate case, but the witness denied she had accidentally cut and pasted from one case to another.

The officer said she would sometimes need to “guesstimate” the quantity of drugs on initial notices prepared in the field if scales weren’t available.

“I think in the circumstances when you’re doing all these charges it’s quite easy to get a little bit muddled up,” she told the commission.  “I’ve just made a mistake.”

Since ‘Splendour on the Grass’ stories started, more stories are arriving of other States following suit. (or should that read – “… other States removing suits down to Birthday Suits?.”)

Police urged to apologise to man with disability prosecuted for ‘doing nothing wrong’

A West Australian man with a disability who was strip searched and prosecuted after a false claim he was photographing children should receive an apology from WA Police and have his conviction expunged, according to one of the state’s top oversight bodies.

Key points:

  • The man was arrested over reports he was taking photographs of children
  • A strip search found the man had no device capable of taking a photograph
  • He was convicted and fined for failing to provide police his details

A scathing report from Michael Murray, the parliamentary inspector to the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC), blasted WA Police’s handling of the matter, saying the force had previously been advised the arrest was unlawful but chose not to act on that finding.

Mr Murray’s report, released in State Parliament on Thursday, found Denys Martin was arrested in Cottesloe in 2017 after witnesses said they saw him taking photos of children. But after a strip search at a police station, it was confirmed he did not possess a mobile phone, camera or any device capable of taking a photograph.

Mr Murray stated it seemed Mr Martin was “pretending to photograph cars which appeared to him to be exceeding the speed limit”, as a warning to drivers.

Follow this story to get email or text alerts from ABC News when there is a future article following this storyline.

Follow this story

Mr Martin was taken into custody and forcibly fingerprinted in an attempt to identify him, before being convicted and fined $500 for failing to provide his details.

‘There was absolutely no evidence’

An initial police investigation into those events found his complaints were “unsubstantiated”, but that probe was reopened and a “senior police solicitor” recommended he be given a formal apology and assistance to appeal against his conviction. “However, the police decided to obtain independent legal advice … and police arrived at the conclusion that the arrest was lawful and that no remedial action was required,” the report stated.

Mr Murray attacked that decision in his report.  “Mr Martin should not have been arrested and there was no basis to require him to provide his personal details,” the report stated. “He had done nothing wrong. “There was absolutely no evidence … that he was photographing children or was doing so to capture images of their underwear. “He should not have been prosecuted for this offence.”

CCC’s response also questioned

The report recommended the state assist Mr Martin in an appeal or pardon him through the Executive Council. It also called for his fine and costs to be repaid and for an apology to be issued.

But Attorney-General John Quigley said he would not be intervening in the case, citing Mr Martin’s guilty plea. “I do not think the state has any scope to act once a citizen goes to court and pleads guilty to an offence,” Mr Quigley said. “How can the state then get in there and give compensation or rectification?” Mr Quigley said Police had received advice supporting the arrest. WA Police have been contacted for comment.

The report also questioned the CCC’s handling of Mr Martin’s mistreatment complaint, which was initially dismissed before the matter was raised with the parliamentary inspector. It came as a parliamentary committee launched an investigation into the CCC’s handling of complaints about excessive use of force by police officers.


4 – Ban Glyphosate

AUSTRALIAN GOV PETITION CALLING FOR THE BANNING OF GLYPHOSATE – PLEASE SIGN AND THEN SHARE THIS EMAIL – I knew in 1980 when Roundup came out – how lethal that herbicide was . killed everything including the soil organisms . therefore destroying the organic matter in the soil.  Would the farmers act on the info that a young Agricultural Science student was revealing? Of course not.     Chemical giants can’t be wrong!

The Australian Parliament needs your help to ban or restrict the use of cancer-causing poison like herbicide glyphosate which is in Roundup 

5 – So you like the idea of Drones ?


6 – Reasons to have Insurance


7 – Australia Act 1986 = TREASON


Political Parties sit under the Party Constitution NOT UNDER the Founding and Primary Law

Australian Dollar is counterfeit to OUR  Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted, which consists of the Preamble, Clauses 1 to 9 and the Schedule, prescribes at

Clause 9—The Constitution of the Commonwealth,

Chapter I—The Parliament,

Part I—General,

Salary of Governor-General = pounds.

each senator and each member of the House of Representatives = pounds.

payable to the Queen = pounds.

Ministers of State = pounds.

Section 3—Salary of Governor-General

  1. There shall be payable to the Queen out of Consolidated Revenue fund of the Commonwealth, for the salary of the Governor-General, an annual sum which, until the Parliament otherwise provides, shall be ten thousand pounds.  The salary of a Governor-General shall not be altered during his continuance in office.

Section 46—Penalty for sitting when disqualified

  1. Until the Parliament otherwise provides, any person declared by this Constitution to be incapable of sitting as a senator or as a member of the House of Representatives shall, for every day on which he so sits, be liable to pay the sum of one hundred pounds to any person who sues for it in any court of competent jurisdiction.

Section 48—Allowance to members:

48.Until the Parliament otherwise provides, each senator and each member of the House of Representatives shall receive an allowance of four hundred pounds a year, to be reckoned from the day on which he takes his seat.

Section 66—Salaries of Minister – There shall be payable to the Queen, out of the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Commonwealth, for the salaries of the Ministers of State, an annual sum which, until the Parliament otherwise provides, shall not exceed twelve thousand pounds a year.  All to be paid in pounds NOT COUNTERFEIT  AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS

Counterfeit Money is a Criminal Action whether Political or NOT.  Every loan in the Political Parties Australia using Australian Dollars is a Criminal Action therefore VOID.

This plaque is in the State Supreme Court Building enforcing TREASON. 

Royal coat








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