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a stuff up

Remedies – I stuffed up   here are the 2 articles until I fix the problem I have also added and a speech by Eliahi    scroll down to the last video The wedding ceremony came to the point where the minister asked if anyone had anything to say concerning the union of the bride and groom.

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So David Walter got Done again – what did you expect ?? … going into their private court as a “citizen” ?

As well as being in ‘their private court’ he is in the wrong jurisdiction, which he has consented to and just others, cannot understand and actually learn what the problem is.  Actually it is not a problem per se, they just don’t know who they are and won’t allow knowledge to permeate their being. They know how to fight,  they

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4 items for your interest and attention

Gotta love millennials Police behaving badly with tasers can you spot fake prophesy Barbaric law, which specifically allows up-to-birth abortion, to be debated and voted on in the Queensland State Parliament THIS WEEk —– Forwarded Message, edited and expanded as further information has become available —– From: Catch the Fire Ministries <> To: Catch The Fire <>

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Seeking Happiness in the City

Happiness in the City  listen to this nostalgic song first then watch this brilliant production xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and you need to see this xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Latest version of assimilation in Melbourne

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Last Ditch Alert – Sep 25

Forget about the rest of the world where horrific events are happening, over which you have no control.  Things are getting very serious here  If only a few respond, then we will all bear the consequences of apathy or inaction Unless lots of people do this – then we will continue to cop more taxes, fines and extortion. Our children

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