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VICTORIANS – Special meeting

Are you tired of extortion by Local Councils SPECIAL MEETING 24th June 99 – 103 McIvor Road Bendigo VIC See attach for details SPECIAL MEETING xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Prior to 1900, each State in Australia had its own Constitution, but each became subject to the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1901, proclaimed and gazetted which was approved by Referendum. It clearly states

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Brisbane Magistrates Court 363 George St PRINT MANY COPIES OF THE ATTACHMENT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU ———————————————————————————————  Ask the pretend Royal Commission what Constitution they are sitting under. Republican Dictatorship = TREASON All Political Parties (First Loyalty) UNDER their own constitutions and enforcing their “Australia as an independent republic,” = “Republican Dictatorship” where they only recognize Australian Citizens as abstract entities a

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Bank Protest at the Royal Commission in Brisbane 26th of June

Please Join us at the Bank Crime Protest . Peaceful Protest at the Royal Commission Brisbane Magistrates Court 363 George St, Brisbane We will gather on the Lawn and Paved areas between the Supreme Court and Magistrates Court. 10am until 2pm – 26th of June Farmers, business people, Investors and home owners, Victims Unite and Fight for Justice. No customers – no Bank.   Bank

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2018 June 14

18 things you may not realize Facebook knows about you; ———————————————————————————— Hi Friends, I attended a meeting yesterday & we were asked to Stand & raise our glasses to toast ” the Queen of Australia ” . I noted some attendees showed concern to the Claim to Queen of Australia, a first time that where I attended a meeting

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2018 June 6

Instead of a long page to wade through, choose the item that first appeals to you – then work your way down A HEART WARMING LAWYER STORY ? One afternoon a lawyer was riding in his limousine when he saw two men along the roadside eating grass. Disturbed, he ordered his driver to stop and he got out to investigate.

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