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Rod Culleton + Councils want another vote + 5G and your smart phone + Telstra has been warned …. and more.

  1 – Rod Culleton update  –  Federal Govt Item 20 – 1st video 2 – Local councils want another referendum – C’mon –We the people have already said NO 3 times –  and under our real Constitution, there can be no more than 3 Referendums on any matter. Question – If they are legally a 3rd tier of

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Info to help fight rates and road tolls

Before you read below – Cop this Cop Read in ABC News: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Info supplied by Road tolls and Rates – Australia Act Fraud Detailed by Mike Holt|Published July 10, 2019|1 comment ELECTION FRAUD IN AUSTRALIA ALL ELECTORS IN AUSTRALIA AND ALL AUSTRALIANS ARE VICTIMS OF THE FRAUD OF THE AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 The following 10 facts of

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