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Council rates to rise again + An amazing water purifier + Another brilliant pollution solution + What is happening to us and why … + more

1 – Council rates to rise … despite the Reserve Bank lowering interest rates in a slow economy … Why?  What kind of greedy mongrels are they .. are you using more water .. creating more sewage .. is your car wearing out the roads faster … do you need an extra rubbish bin pick up, that will cost them

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Why you cannot believe TV news + Climate change in China

1 – Why you cannot believe what is on TV News Scary stuff indeed – especially politicians allegedly saying something. Deepfake technology is advancing rapidly and will have huge implications for deceiving of the population. A Deepfake is a realistic computer-generated replication of a person.  More a longer one 2 – Climate change in China –

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Would you like your $17bn Rates Refunded?

Are local councils legal and lawful in Australia?  Quite simply – NO – all local government authorities now operate illegally.   Unlike a plebiscite, a referendum is binding on the government … All local Government has been constitutionally unlawful since 3-Sept-88 when there was a referendum to incorporate Local Government into the Commonwealth of Australian Constitution Act 1901.  (A question – If they were legal,

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