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The greatest heap of crap, blatant fraud and treason in our history. The “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act”

see this first 28 seconds This is the green covered book Wayne shows on his videos. This “Commonwealth of  Australia Constitution Act “ is the greatest  heap of crap, blatant fraud and treason in our history.   It is NOT an Act ! Note – they have attributed it to Quick and Garren.  How can that be ?  Quick died 1932

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Pope – stepping down or being sacked ?

Francis has been called the criminal Pope – and he would eventually step down.  A month ago, it was reported that he would step down by 2/23/2019, but it looks like he instead just lost his power.   I have no way of verifying the controversial work or legitimacy of Kevin Annett – he has been praised and vilified – but

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Rumble v Liverpool Plains Shire Council

The Cases arises Rumble v Liverpool Plains Shire Council [2012] NSWDC 95 5 July 2012 – District Court of NSW – Mahony SC DCJ The Plaintiffs, Mr and Mrs Rumble, were the occupiers of residential premises at Quirindi together with their five children. Over the course of two days in August 2009, Liverpool Plains Shire Council (“the Council”) by its

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Bush Funeral Envelope + MPs resigning + George Pell + To build a Highway

1 – We can build highways like this now, interest free and debt free and toll free      We can also build great railways, several Snowy Schemes etc all the way Melbourne to Cairns. I have sent info to several pollies and local bodies who ignore or claim we can’t “afford”.  We have the materials, the man power seeking employment,

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Wayne update + beware your smartphone

Sorry – I have been without internet 5 days – NBN –         5G next for everyone ? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 1 – Wayne – 2 x updates    scroll down to Video 6 2 – What happened in the Netherlands – shocking – yet something more creepy is happening world wide 3 – ABSOLUTE MUST

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Wayne latest news – pollies jumping ship – new cyclone – the “person’ thing

1 – Wayne 21 Feb after court on the 20th     Scroll down to Video No 5 … listen carefully, too many have half baked opinions of what he has said AND if you haven’t already done so – see video 4 first  2 – Former foreign minister Julie Bishop has announced she will retire from federal politics, in a

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