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A major curse on our land

1 – Just updated   This is a major curse on our land ,,, but few will heed it – so expect more divine national discipline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 – I went to the Anzac festivities in my town today –  Conspicuously absent  were Aussie men with their foreign wives despite, there being many in this region          

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Info on Notre Dame + free energy items

1 – Info on Notre Dame 3 – The Queen is Indian 4 – I think the masses have been deceived through the birth certificates.   Nowhere on a birth certificate do you have a surname, you “assumed” it! …    Then you apply for a driver license with a SURNAME and you believe its your name! ????   They

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Dear Local Candidate in May 2019

Dear Local Candidate   I thought that a local MP was to “re-present” the will of the people in the electorate ?   Silly me … eh …  All we are hearing from both sides is endless promises about “their” policies and “their” ideas and philosophies.   Do you really want the other mob in power?   I doubt it, so

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Wayne’s Critics – take Note

A sincere someone sent this … containing a bunch of items, criticising Wayne’s work He quoted – Glew v The Governor of Western Australia [2009] WASCA 123: 4 [Appeal] Glew v The Governor of Western Australia [2009] WASC 14: 5 [Trial] Glew issued a writ of summons on 28 August 2008 directed to the Governor of Western Australia.”  and stated

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