Ron Baker – Australian Evangelist


Ron’s life story – recorded in 1990 and 2009

My Story :

Ron Baker
“I married Beryl Bringham in 1953, but six years later, after we had a daughter and a son, our marriage was breaking up. The trouble was over my drinking and gambling. It was easy to play the poker machines – they just ran away with money.”
“I have cried when I have thought back to those years and what I might have become had it not been for Christ. I probably would be dead and in a drunkard’s grave if it hadn’t been for Him.”

From the time I was born in 1930, in a country town in New South Wales I saw nothing but violence and hatred and arguments. My parents were often apart for two or three years at a time and they had no profession of faith whatsoever. That’s why as a youngster I could never bring myself to believe that God existed.

During World War 2, when I was about ten, my family needed food and many of the men were away fighting so I had to go to work. I had hardly any school training, because of this I was basically illiterate. I could just barely write my name and add a few figures. I also had a speech impediment, which was a nervous condition caused by being belted continually as a child and being told that I was useless. So I grew up convinced that I could never do anything, that I could never achieve anything in life.

At age 12, I was introduced to the occult through tea reading. This continued through my adolescent years as I consulted a medium and eventually became a medium myself. By the age of 14, I was drinking and this started for me the long downhill slide into alcoholism. By the time I was 19, I was a drunk. I couldn’t keep jobs and that’s why at age 20 I left the country and came to Sydney to get a job as a government bus man. I was a conductor for seven years, then began driving buses.

The drinking continued and from the time I was about 23, for the next six years I was drinking and taking amphetamines and all of the domestic drugs I could obtain. I’d drive bus during the day and drink at night. Finally I reached the stage where I couldn’t concentrate. It was a miracle that I never killed anyone.

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