18 – Wayne Glew – My Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit

Cover Sheet

IN THE MAGISTRATES COURT OF                             Case No: GER/DOUG333/2018




City of Greater Geraldton                                                                            Claimant(s)                                                                                             


Wayne Kenneth Glew                                                                           First Defendant                                                                                             


Kylie June Bull (Glew)                                                               Second Defendant

            Lawful Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit

Date of Document:                           13th of September 2018

Date of Filing:                                     13th of September 2018

On Behalf of:                                      Wayne Kenneth Glew & Kylie June Bull (Glew)

Prepared By:

Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew CPO,OWB                              Phone: 0428382297

Commonwealth Public Official                      Email: waynekenneth.glew@gmail.com

24 Hagan Road Glenfield

Geraldton Western Australia 6532




My Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit 
to the Geraldton Court in December

Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew living breathing man of 1004 Chapman Road Glenfield Geraldton Western Australia, residing at 24 Hagan Road Glenfield Geraldton Western Australia, make this Living Testimony in the form of an Affidavit.

I, Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew CPO,OWB Commonwealth Public Official make oath and state as follows;

Formally Challenge your ability to establish a Lawful Court being a gathering under the sovereign as described in HCA 29 of 2009 at paragraph 20 for the following reasons;

“Validity of Courts Laws and Decisions”

[1] The Commonwealth Constitution states that the exercise of authority throughout the Commonwealth is under the Crown and

[2] The State of Western Australia is created under 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 and draws its authority from those constitutions and

[3] The State Constitution continues after Federation, subject to the Commonwealth Constitution 106 and altered in accordance with its constitution, Not Amended, Changed,
or Repealed. Ref HCA 48 of 1996 at paragraph 17 and

[4]  You and all Legal Practitioners Must swear the oath of allegiance contained in the Commonwealth Constitution and the State Constitution Schedule E which was Unlawfully repealed using the Oaths Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act 2005 W.A. An Act of Fraud and Treason against The People of Western Australia and

[5] The Lawful Oath authorises you under the British Accreditation Register to sit and take up any authority in the Commonwealth of Australia subject to the Coronation Oath of the Monarch and the Common Law being
                 –  Magna Carta
                 – 1688 Bill of Rights containing the Statute of Monopolies
                 – The Act of Settlement
                 – Habeas Corpus, and
                 – The King James Bible, the only instrument that constitutes a
                    Lawful Court. and

[6] Your authority to exercise authority is created by the Lawful  Oath which makes you a Commonwealth Public Officer Not a Public Officer being an Employee of a Company and

[7] Without the authority of the Lawful Crown contained in Our Constitution, You…The Judges, Politicians, Public Servants, Police and Legal Practitioners [Not Lawyers] Have No Authority. Lawyers are Prohibited by the King James Bible to exist and

[8] No Lawful Crown Authority, No Authority, No Decisions of any State Courts, No Laws from the Parliament meaning No Laws Passed that Do Not Comply with Our Constitution Have Any Authority Whatsoever and

[9] No Lawful Oath, No Authority, No Right to Sit, No Lawful Court ! and

[10] This Gathering Can Not Sit until it can Establish an Authority under the Crown and

11] This Authority Must come from 12 of my peers Sitting in a Lawful Court and

[12] What the above defines is that until you swear the Lawful Oath contained in Our Constitution You Can Not establish a court as defined by Our Constitution and

[13] A Lawful Oath establishes a gathering under the sovereign as stated in HCA 29 of 2009 at paragraph 20, “A court is a gathering under the sovereign.” and

[14] The Lawful Oath was Unlawfully repealed from Our State Constitution using the, Oaths, Affidavits, and Statutory Declarations Act 2005, clearly a Breach of 106 of the Commonwealth Constitution which is the only authority for the State Constitutions to continue after Federation subject to the Commonwealth Constitution and altered according to their  constitutions. Ref HCA 48 of 1996 at 17. Clearly this Has Not Happened and

[15] Until the State Constitutions are returned to their Original Form as required by the Letters Patent issued by Queen Victoria on the 29th of October 1900, there can be No Lawful Courts, Judges, Magistrates, Politicians,  Laws, or Decisions Nor can any authority be exercised over the people, anything else is Treason and

“The Sale & Control of Land Through the New Commonwealth”

[16] Prior to Federation all Land in Australia was sold from the Crown to The  People by the Queens Representative being the Governor who issued Titles and through a Commissioner Transferred Land, all in “Fee Simple” granted  to the New Owners by Challis Real Property, an Imperial Act, Free of Fee or Fine, fully alienated from the Crown and

[17] After Federation and by Letters Patent the Governor in Council, carried out the Sale, Transfer, and issuing of Titles on behalf of the Crown an

[18] At no time was any authority ever granted to the parliament established by the Commonwealth Constitution over land nor was the new entities called States granted authority over land under 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution which established those states and

[19] Those States and their constitutions only continued subject to the Commonwealth Constitution and

[20] If the new states or their constitutions were altered in any way which changed the compliance terms, then those states lost their authority to exist  and can then only continue under the control of the Commonwealth Constitution until they conformed and

[21] When The People refused to allow the addition of Local Government to the Commonwealth Constitution in 1974, that decision had Two Effects and

[a] The Referendum was Unlawful as it would change the Commonwealth Constitution when the right to alter is only granted and

[b] The People who are, both Sovereign and Supreme said, “No” and that means “No”. and

[22] When each State Parliament of the Commonwealth added Local Government to their constitutions, they Committed Treason against “The Will of The People” and made their constitutions Inoperative because they were repugnant to Our Constitution. That took place in 1979 and

[23] On Saturday the 3rd of September 1988 the Parliaments of the States, tried to Mislead and Deceive The People into accepting Unlawful Local Government with the Conspiring Together with the Federal Parliament by Referendum and

[24] The People again said, “No” Meaning “No”. You Can’t Have It ! and

[25] The State Parliaments Lied and Mislead The People into believing they had the authority to continue Local Government using their courts and punishment and

[26] The State Parliaments claimed that they existed as states prior to Federation and that Our Constitution just sat over them and gave some authority to the new Federal Parliament and

[27] This theory was put to the test to the High Court, by James Andrew McGinty v The State of Western Australia HCA 48 of 1996 at paragraph 17. The theory was proved to be nonsense and

[28] That decisions removed all doubt about the establishment of the states from Colonies to the States and

[29] All decisions of all courts in all States granting any authority to States to exist without conformity to Our Constitution was negated along with all Laws, Acts, Statutes, Rules, Regulations and Decisions of courts as they all Went Down The Drain and

[30] The “Australia Acts” and the “Australia Act” 1986 was one of the Acts that were An Attempt to Seize Control of Our Commonwealth and give it to the Unlawful Political Parties posing as governments and

[31] It is Time For People To Stop Feeding These Liars, Thieves, Cheats and Deceivers of the People any money !!! and

[32] Until any gathering called a court, sits under the authority granted by OurConstitution under the provisions of Chapter III it Does Not Lawfully Exist !!! and

[33] The Lies have just ended, They Are Fraud, Fraud Vitiates Everything…It is Wiped Out At Inception and

[34] Western Australia, the State that does not exist, of the Commonwealth of Australia and

[35] On the 29th of October 1900, Queen Victoria put the State Constitution of Western Australia in place with a Letters Patent to come into effect on the 1st of January 1901 at Federation and

[36] That Constitution and the Constitutions of every State were put in place in their Complete Original State and continued subject to the Commonwealth Constitution and altered in accordance with their constitutions 106 of the Commonwealth Constitution refers and

[37] A Letters Patent was put in place to continue the Office of Governor in each state along with a Letters Patent for the Commonwealth Constitution and

[38] No authority was granted to Amend, Change or Repeal any part of these Letters Patents and

[39] The Statute of Monopolies states;  “Only the Monarch can change a Letters Patent.” and

[40] Queen Elizabeth II the Monarch of the Commonwealth of Australia stated to the Federal Parliament in 2008, that She upheld all of Her Great Grandmothers Letters Patents and

[41] The Letters Patent for the Office of Governor states; “The highest person in government, in the state is the Governor and he must be obeyed.” and

[42] It also states; “We reserve unto ourselves, our Heirs and Successors the right to change these our Letters Patent.  I have a copy of these documents. and

[43] At Federation the so called government put in place the State Constitution of Western Australia with 32 sections missing, this rendered the new state inoperable except under the Commonwealth Constitution 107, 108 and 109 which establishes the states. and

[44] The State could not set up a Lawful Parliament, Court System or Public Service until it corrected the problem with the State Constitution. and

[45] The State is “The People” in the designated area and can only operate under Legislative Authorities granted to the States by the Constitution. and

[46] Until “We” establish a “Lawful Parliament” under the “Lawful State Constitution we can not exercise any of the authoritygranted, “End of Story”. and

[47] No Rights can be denied to “The People”, We Own Our Properties and have Complete Control over them under Imperial Law without interference from government. and

[48] It is the Crown in Right of the “State” under the authority of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK.  “The State” is “The People” Not the government. and

[49] Each state of the Commonwealth removed or replaced its Constitutions which negated their right to exist. and

[50] They exist now in Treason using Smoke Mirror and Moo Poo to reach their objectives.and

[51] They sit in Fraud and as a Maxim of Law Fraud Vitiates Everything,  i.e. Wipes it out at inception. and

[52] The State of Western Australia Has Never Been Lawfully Constituted.

[53] Under the provisions of Clause 5 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution, every Man, Woman and Child are the
“Commonwealth and as such are subject to all the Laws of  the Commonwealth including all the Common Law contained in the beginning of this document. and

[54] – There is No Lawful Government established in the State of
Western Australia.
– There is No Lawful Supreme Court.
– There is No Lawful District Court.
– There is No Lawful Magistrates Court.
– There is No Lawful Police Force.
– There is No Lawful Public Service until the Lawful
Constitution of Western Australia is put in place complying
with Section 106 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act
1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. and

[55] There is No Exception to that Law. and

[56] The following people must be bound over to Stand Trial when a Lawful Court is established under and in conformity with the Lawful Sate Constitution and the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. and

[57] At no time have I ever accepted any authority for Local Government to exist nor have I ever accepted them or the so called government to have authority over My Land. and

[58] The following people have Committed Several Criminal Acts to Steal the land belonging to Me and My ex wife Kylie June Bull Lawful Owners of the property building and goods situated at 1004 Chapman Road Glenfield Geraldton Western Australia 6532. and

[59] All of the following have Conspired to Pervert The Course of
Justice under 42 of the Crimes Act 1914 Commonwealth.
– Conspired to Commit Fraud.
– Conspired to Steal Real Property.
– Conspired to Steal Goods.
– Conspired to Break and Enter the building situated on
Land belonging to Wayne Kenneth Glew, Living
Breathing Man and Kylie June Bull Living Breathing Woman. and

[60] The Company known as Civic Legal ABN 83 803 564 889
– Anthony Quahe Principal
– Pheobe Rose Chapman Office Worker
– Angela Pollard Lawyer
– Abby O’Rourke lawyer
– Whatever Civic Legal ??? and

The Company Known As;

[61] City of Greater Geraldton ABN 55 907 677 173
– Ross McKim CEO
– Sandra Lee Russell Rates Coordinator
– Murray Gordon James Fraser JP
– R.C Davis C.P.A and

[62] The Company known as Gray & Co Lawyers – Julie Gray Lawyers. and

[63] All the above listed Companies and Employees, without Lawful excuse Have Conspired Together at different times to Steal the Real Property, Steal Goods and Break and Enter buildings belonging to Wayne Kenneth Glew Living Breathing Man and Kylie June Bull Living Breathing Woman. and

[64] The State Constitution and all its Laws continue and are established in compliance with 106, 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and draw their authority referentally from the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. and

[65] There is No Local Government in the Commonwealth Constitution and The People have denied the right to put it in there. and

[66] No Government in the Commonwealth of Australia Can Speak an Authority Into Being When it Does Not Exist in Law. and

[67] If an authority is Not Granted to a Parliament then it is Denied and Remains with The People. Chapter I of the Commonwealth Constitution Act 1900 UK and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901. and

[68] No authority was ever granted to the parliaments of the States or the Commonwealth over Our Land. and

[69] Chapter 3 Section 76 Page 795 paragraph 4 of The Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth  Quick and Garran states; “Anyone throughout the Commonwealth who exercises authority over another, when required to must state under which section of the  Constitution that authority comes from.” and

[70] Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse, if you Do Not Know, Don’t Do It, to continue is Criminal. and

[71] Legal Practitioners are deemed to know the law and are Liable for Their Actions. and

[72] My Land has been under Lawful Seizure, Under the  provisions of Clause 61 of Magna Carta since the 8th of August 2017 and Remains so until I say so or a Jury of My Peers releases it Ref Clause 39 of Magna Carta. and

[73] This Dishonest, Criminal, Treacherous Grab for property can Be Remedied by the following Method;

[74] The City of Greater Geraldton Apologise to me for its transgressions. and

[75] The City of Greater Geraldton by Newspaper, Televisions, Radio and Every Other Media Tell the Public that the Local Government Act has No Lawful Right to Exist. and

[76] The City of Greater Geraldton Notifies all Ratepayers and Returns This Years Rates to them. and

[77] The City of Greater Geraldton Admits to The Offences Committed against Myself and my ex wife and Pays the Commercial Lien in Tort that they Defaulted on the 21 Day Statutory Demand for $2.9 Million. and

[78] The City of Greater Geraldton Admits that they as a Trading Company have been Acting Unlawfully Exercising Authority over The People while not being Sworn Officers of the Lawful Monarch of the Commonwealth of Australia. and

[79] The City of Greater Geraldton, The Law Companies,The JP , The C.P.A and all Employees Do Not Work anywhere in the Public Service or Law. and

[80] Any Outstanding Money’s be paid by the Law Companies, JP, C.P.A and Employees of the City of Greater Geraldton and previous Employees CEO’s and Executive Officers. and

[81] A Lawful Court Sitting as a Gathering under the Sovereign
rules the above conditions binding.

Dated: 10th of September 2018

Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew CPO,OWB
Commonwealth Public Official

Dated: 10th of September 2018

Wayne Kenneth of the family Glew CPO,OWB

Commonwealth Public Official