12 – Slavery in Australia exposed

Criminal code Act 1995

Division 73

…”forced labour” means the condition of a person who provides labour or services (other than sexual services) and who, because of the use of force or threats:   

( There are just too many examples, rates, taxes, fines, notices, Gov Bills, forced unpaid compliance by courts, Gov staff (police), etc )…

(a)  is not free to cease providing labour or services; or
(b)  is not free to leave the place or area where the person provides labour or services.  
( Ever seen someone, or been detained yourself, without due cause, directed / forced to perform involuntary tasks by Police or Government servants ??)  

“sexual servitude” has the same meaning as in Division 270.

“slavery” has the same meaning as in Division 270.  (Exercising Ownership, Direction or Control over a person is Slavery. How many ways does Govt do this to people every day !!!)

“threat” means: a threat of force;

Penalty:  Imprisonment for 20 years or 2,000 penalty units, or both. (Time To Wake Up People)
So when the Police and Government Force you to Pay / Comply to their Demands by a threat of force…

They are Acting as Criminals …
Why do we all put up with it ?? …
While they live off our Labour …
And Enslave us at the same time ???
Have we all gone MAD ??
Or just Gutless to put a stop to it ???  

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe