12 – HAARP in the Qld Floods Feb 2019

Video 1    How HAARP Works

From the Face Book page of Robert M Deutsch who states – Qld Floods are Man made and deliberately held over an area already devastated by flooding 5/2/19.”  Warning … some Adult language

Yes, HAARP involvement was suspected until now – This analysis of weather patterns by Robert, clearly shows that the incredible amount of rain was far from being  “normal” as big wet seasons are common up north.

If you do not know what HAARP is, it’s time you woke up to how the weather is being manipulated world wide.  Who is doing this and why ?  https://larryhannigan.com/general/is-haarp-being-used-to-create-floods-to-destroy-the-worlds-food-supply/  and https://larryhannigan.com/energy-and-climate-change/07-haarp-fukushima-calif-fires-what-is-the-connection/

Video 2   HAARP in the 2019 Qld Floods

Video 3    HAARP locations in Australia