18c – Wayne update and relevant items

First – short relevant items for those with no FB

1 – Mayor of Ipswich Qld,Paul Pisasale was sentenced to two years in prison

2 – Seven Logan councillors and a suspended Mayor have been charged

3 – Your paper Certificate of Title to be trashed

4 –  Canberra pensioners could be forced out of family home

5 – Waynes property robbed

6 – Wayne’s message to Church people and Pastors

7 – Your letter to the GG could be woth thousands of $$ in YOUR pocket.

8 – Morrison wants the $$ in your Bank

1 – Mayor of Ipswich Qld, Paul Pisasale was sentenced to two years in prison, having been found guilty of extortion when he posed as a private investigator and demanded thousands of dollars from the ex-boyfriend of a Chinese escort he had been seeing.   Full article  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-07-25/former-ipswich-mayor-paul-pisasale-jailed/11343318

2 – Seven Logan (just south of Brisbane) councillors and a suspended Mayor have been charged, in what ratepayers say is the biggest scandal in local government.

3 – Your paper Certificate of Title to be trashedclick on these –   Paper certificates / title / property / retail / amendments / Act / land title

4 –  Canberra pensioners could be forced out of family home because of $85k land tax bill   https://www.canberratimes.com.au/story/6279329/family-hit-with-85k-land-tax-bill/?cs=14225&fbclid=IwAR0NRos8pL5M72yzVVs5csSM6b-smn_wYA7fRKSgI2lxU6uaiL4XNydrW3g

5 – Waynes property robbed – what happened – a note from his wife  … We got the number plate 1DXR473  of the thief stealing fire wood from our property.  Landgate conspired with the Shire and their lawyers to steal our property without a court order and without a property seizure order issued by a Supreme Court judge as required by section 24 of the Supreme Court Act.  We caught the thief pulling apart our wood stove but he got away before we could arrest him.
wayne thief car

We contacted the Geraldton Police, who decided they weren’t going to do anything because they think the Shire owns our property.  I explained we have the original Certificate of Title Deed and the shire lost the case as they didn’t have a court order. The Police said  “who cares” and they were not going to do anything.  We rang police headquarters and they would not put me through to the Inspector or Superintendent because he was in a meeting.  Imagine if you stole something from a Council depot !

Darren Skiggs, a FB follower posted – “Remember, for every action you do, you will be judged by. This includes our MP’s and Senators. God will judge you by your fruits. Repent of these ways before it is too late. These fruits also includes not obeying our founding laws and changing them without a referendum.  The Bible says … if you catch the thief he must return unto you 2 to 5  fold that which he stole (depending on the crime).      Regarding harming children, In Matt 18.6 Jesus said,  But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

6 – Wayne’s message to Church people and Pastors hiding in the pews, protected by their ABN

7 – Your letter to the GG –  The GG will not act if only a handful of you write this letter.  It will need thousands.  So get to it – do you want the $3,000+ in your pocket or theirs ? … and tell as many people as you can by any means. Even those with no property are paying rates in their rent. William Wilberforce abolished slavery without using civil uprising – it can and must be done again.   … it’s up to you.

Print this or write your own and send via Registered letter  


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The Hon Governor General,                                                           

David Hurley


Tel: (02) 6283 3533

Your Excellency    David

Congratulations on your appointment as Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia and as guardian and custodian of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

As protector of our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, you well know that no Third Tier of Government is recognised.   In our Referendums in 1974, 1988, we the people voted NO to the continuance and establishment of Local Councils and and 1999 we voted as a nation to remain as British Subjects as a Constitutional Monarchy, thus retaining our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Our Founding Fathers had some 800 years of wisdom, since Magna Carta, to draw upon and were well aware of the corruption of all kinds that fester within these Local Councils … bribery, extortion, eviction of families, often from 4th generation properties, for not paying the alleged taxes and fees to these illegal bodies.  Councils are merely a piece of paper. These criminals rely solely on Local Government Acts created by the States.  It is the Councillors and unelected CEOs who pay themselves obscene salaries, and favour their contractor relatives on a scale that you possibly are not aware of.  There are many cases of land owners being harassed, physically assaulted, and in a recent event, a landowner was threatened to be shot on his land because he refused to pay cash to the councillors on his property.  Thousands of property owner can verify the above actions for themselves, as well as friends and neighbours. 

Pensioners get some $20k per year to live on, yet the Local Councillors demand and extort some $3k+ of this, ie. almost 2 months income for unlawful taxes on a humble home people saved for, worked for and paid for, if they were lucky.

Local Councils are now pushing for yet another Referendum. Why would they do that if they were legal and lawful?

Sir, there is no need for Parliamentary debate, you have the authority and it is my will that you immediately instruct the Governor of every State to rescind every Local Government Act, as not one of those Acts has been Proclaimed and Gazetted correctly and every one of them in in Breach of Section 109.  You know that every State can have their own State Constitution, BUT they are and must be, subject to The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901

                                                                                                              Yours  faithfully


                                                                                                               All Rights Reserved


8 – Morrison wants the money in your bank